13 False Faith that Still many believe !!

False faith and myths are everywhere in our society. No matter where you living but false faith can be everywhere. Despite the fact that practically everyone today has unrestricted Internet access, some still believe in bearded legends. Of all, it’s difficult to erase the misunderstandings that have been passed down for decades without anyone checking their reality. Instead, they prefer to treasure the ignorance passed down from generation to generation.

People on Reddit or social media normally share the most bothersome misconceptions without check or know true facts that they still believe. Here topicflix discussing some myths and false faith which can surprise you.

1. Was Einstein poor in study in early days ?

Einstein, False faith

Ahh !!, Albert Einstein is widely thought to have been a genius who came from a failure, yet this has been demonstrated to be untrue. He had apparently mastered college-level physics by the age of 11 and received top results in all areas except French. Even he was a predictor of future. What a Brilliant man !!

2. Really !! Was Napoleon a dwarf ?

Napoleon , False faith

So, what is definition of tall and short man when you measure a great person of victories like Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon’s height measured 170 centimeters tall, almost. The British, presumably, promoted the story of Napoleon’s dwarfism in order to discredit the French emperor.

3. Is true, We can use brain up to 10% ?

use brain up to 10%, False faith

From the mouth of many people, we always listen that we are not using our mind fully. full mind utilisation is still a mystry but normally we listen that a normal human use their mind up to 10% only.

The 10% myth was allegedly created by philosophers to demonstrate how little individuals utilize their minds to think. This myth is based on no scientific basis.

4. For all, In middle age Earth was flat !!

That wasn’t the case, even among the ancient Greeks. During the post-romantic period, the flat earth myth arose in Pop orthodox culture, and scientists dismissed it. Even orthodox from all culture almost consider earth is center point of universe. Blaw..blaw..Thus prove that human using brain less than 10% in middle ages of civilization. (Above point)

5. That there can be warts from frogs and toads !!

frogs, False faith

Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus, which is spread through broken skin after contact with an infected person. This is a human-specific virus that cannot be passed on to animals.

6. Do Hymen like a stretched cling film ?

Numerous people continue to believe that hymen is like a cling film that stretches and bursts during the first intercourse, and that if a girl does not bleed, she is not a virgin. In fact, there is a whole classification of hymen.

7. Shaving your hair makes it grow faster and thicker

Shaving your hair, False faith

Due to the fact that natural hair ends are more softer and thinner than cut ends, this deceiving impression is usually recognized after the first shave.

8. Do Horn of a rhinoceros cures impotence ?

It’s time to start spreading information that parts of poachers’ bodies have even greater healing properties. Certain animal parts have healing or magical properties. For example, a tiger’s whiskers are said to protect the owner, and a rhinoceros’ horn is said to cure impotence and hangovers.

9. The Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure visible from space ?

The Great Wall of China, False faith

From space, the Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure visible. This is not true, there are other structures existed which we can see from space. For example, the 10-kilometer cooling pond of Chernobyl, or the greenhouses of Almeria, Andalusia, Spain.

10. Glutamate is a poison ?

Many people still believe monosodium glutamate is a poison. In fact, it is no more harmful than regular salt. Monosodium glutamate has no known detrimental effects on the human body, according to scientists. The rats’ vision deteriorated to the point of blindness during the trial, although they were fed massive amounts of the drug.

11. Crunching your knuckles can cause or increase your risk of arthritis ?

Crunching your knuckles

The “crunch” sound is actually the sound of bursting gas that forms in the synovial fluid between the joints. Scientists have not established a link between “crunching fingers” and the appearance of arthritis.

12. Mama Bird leave its chicks if You touched ?

Mama Bird leave its chicks if You touched

oh !! this is very known fact from the childhood that If you touch a chick, then mom will leave him because of your scent. Birds actually have a very crappy sense of smell. Of course, there are exceptions, for example, vultures, which have a really good sense of smell … But in general, the smell of a person on a chick will not make mom give it up.

13. Woah !! bats are really blind ?

bats are blind

Still from the childhood so many people told us that bats have not eyes or not eye sighted. Many people think that bats are blind. This is not true . All types of bats are sighted.

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