16 Weird Things ABOUT William Shakespeare

He played with his words as much as his life. William Shakespeare played with words of love, tragedy, compassion, hate through out his life but being A wonderful and legendry writer, poet William Shakespeare had many shades of his own life. His life equality shades, His life was as full of ups and downs as his literature and poetry. Let’s Know some amazing weird things about William Shakespeare. Weird Things ABOUT William Shakespeare

1. Married a pregnant woman and twins baby

William Shakespeare was very thoughtful and And he did not let the useless rules of society dominate himself. At the age of 18, Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway (27 November 1582 – 23 April 1616), eight years his senior and pregnant.

He was gifted with twins first girl (Susanna), another girl (Judith) and an interesting boy named Hanette. One of the few things that is known about the relationship between Shakespeare and Hathaway is that they used to live apart.

2. No descendant

Hamnet died as a child in 1597 and only one of his daughters gave him a granddaughter, who died without child. Instead Shakespeare had seven brothers.

3. Myth is that his grave is cursed

Shakespeare is buried in the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, under an epitaph saying: “Good friends, for Jesus, avoiding digging in the dust locked here. Blessed is the man who honors these stones and The curse that removed my bones.

Also a legend states that his grave contains unpublished works that he is known to write but which have not come in our day.

4. Shortest work is a The Comedy of Errors

This is done in less than an hour and a half, while Hamlet, his longest work, takes four hours.

5. Female roles are written for all men

The reason for this is that it was illegal for women to perform in plays on time. This stinging will continue until the restoration period.


6. Confusion that How to write your last name

None of the six remaining firms Shakespeare spells his surname as we do today, as he wrote Shakespe, Shakspe, Shakspere and Shakespear or Shakespeare.

7. 1,700 words and expressions

At least he was the first to write them in English. Among them are common usage terms such as astonishment, arrogance (murder), bloody, lenient, street, and suspic (suspect). He also first appeared in the Venetian businessman in the expression “It’s not gold that glitters all” and the name Jessica.

8. His parents and children are considered illiterate

Shakespeare attended a small local school, where he learned to read and write, as well as Latin. However, this was not customary at the time, and evidence suggests that his family, of Winner origin, was largely illiterate.

9. one of Outstanding work is Macbeth

Macbeth is the most represented work in the world. It is estimated that an average of six performances are performed in a day. That is, every four hours in the world is equal to one representation.

10. Nobody knows what he did between 1585 and 1592

There is no record of Shakespeare from the baptism of twins until victory began in London. Most suggest that he studied law, that he traveled through continental Europe, that he was a school teacher or that he joined a theater company on his way through Stratford.

11. His profession was actually to be actor

It is contained in documents collected between 1592 and 1603. It is known that he used to work in Ben Jonson play and he used to do it on his own. However, since he was a busy man, he chose to support roles like You as Fantasma and Adam in Hamlet.

later Shakespeare became very rich thanks to his association with Lord Chamberlain’s Men and his acting and writing.

12. Many films are based on Shakespearean plays

The best-known examples are – summit of the west side story, Lion King (Hamlet) and Bhaga (King Lear), Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 10 Things I Hate About You‘ (1999),’The King‘ (2019),Lady Macbeth (2017),The Lion King‘ (1994),Macbeth (2015),The Merchant of Venice (2004),Motocrossed (2001),Much Ado About Nothing’ (1993) etc. still outstanding films.

there are several series and films stories base on Shakespeare’s drama around the world , in Hollywood and in Bollywood too.

13. Some researchers claim that they did not write their works

Some say that it was written by many people he hired, others say that it was used by some other author like a pseudonym Francis Bacon and there are also those who argue that there was a person ever Was not, but is a fictitious figure under which various authors have been gathered. In any case, the evidence that he exists and assigns him to be responsible works are stronger than those theories written.

14. He strangely distributed his legacy

Shakespeare also made a lot of money by working as an entrepreneur in the theater world, and decided to sacrifice most of his wealth to a very small part for his daughter Susanna and his daughter Judith, while his wife Had to settle for his “second best bed”. The reasons why he could have done so are just speculation.

15. More than 60 characters die in their tragedies

No doubt that he was a great tragedy king writer. Artists die in most of his literature. Perhaps he could have written that time or his sorrows in his own words.

16. Queen Elizabeth-I gave death sentence to his relative

This is very rare facts that one of Shakespeare’s relative, William Arden, was imprisoned in the Tower of London and executed for conspiring against Queen Elizabeth I.

Disclaimer – Facts and findings based upon various internet source with enough research but information may vary.

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