7 Men’s intimacy Myths that most believe or fear !!

7 Men’s intimacy Myths that most believe or fear !!

Whatever you give name to sex or intimacy myths, are still main issue to be in happy relationships from the beginning of human being. Many myths surround the myths about intimacy.

Usually, Men have a strong belief in themselves and are frequently mistaken about women’s desires. In reality, they pay no attention to women and her desires and instead focus on orthodox ethics or own desire as compare partner’s wish. Here are some of the most common sex myths held by males.

1. If She Refuse Intimacy, Then No Interest ?

Mostly men thinks that if a women doesn’t want sex that it means she have no interest in intimacies or sexual activities. You must put this into context. Whether she has always refused to have sex or simply makes particular arguments for why she cannot go to bed with you.

Sexual expressions or intimacies depends on on thoughts, mental acceptances, freedom and of course one’s societal prejudicialness.

What's mean if she refuse
What’s mean if she refuse

But first thing is to identification of desires and causes.

Is she avoiding sex, refusing to touch, and interrupting any sex-related conversations? In the first example, she’s most likely on her period and doesn’t want to go today, but will in a few days when her cycle is finished.

In the second case, the guy may have done something incorrect that was unrelated to his bedding abilities, such as a lack of feelings after sex. She no longer desires sex because she feels objectified.

She may also say “NO” because she is reminds her old bad memories about sexual activities or relationships. “Fear of sex” and “Orthodox sentiments” are two most cause which work as hurdles for women’s sexual desires. So refusal of sex or intimacy Sex Myths sometimes. Be careful about your judgements.

2. Past Relationships

Sometime past hunts you in relationships and act like Sex Myths. Most women want to forget past bad relationships and usually concentrate on the present. It’s fantastic to have sex with her if she loves you.

Assuming, of course, that you treat her with respect in bed and do not treat her harshly.

past relationships, Past is not present, be in Now
Past is not present, be in Now

Relax, if you push her boundaries, she will shun sex with you like fire. If you do it on a regular basis, she loves you and probably thinks you’re the best lover on the planet. This is supported by sexological research.

When women were asked who they thought was the best lover, they consistently said their current beau. They said this not to be nice, but because sex and emotions often go hand in hand for women.

3. Orgasm Myths

This is the most ridiculous thing that men believe in. They believe that not only does sex without a vaginal orgasm not count, but that a good partner will also offer numerous orgasms in a succession.

Myth of Orgasm
Myth of Orgasm

Come down from the heavens, gentlemen. Life isn’t a pornographic film. Trust me when I say that no woman would miss her sweet boyfriend or husband who recalls the foreplay for the porn troglodyte who only cares about penetration.

Due to harm and pain, such intercourse will result in a visit to the doctor. Find out what she likes in bed instead of chasing a vaginal orgasm.

Perhaps you should kiss her for a little longer, not just on the lips ? Maybe when you’re in her, you’ll gently stroke her buttocks? Perhaps she enjoys massaging her breasts or clitoris?

4. Longer intimacy is the key, really ?

This is yet another urban legend that males knowingly perpetuate. Its inspiration comes from unrealistic pornographic films. If your friends boast about doing this for an hour, they’ve either taken drugs, are incapable of orgasm, or are simply lying. Also, rather than making her “happy,” pay attention to her.

Longer intimacy is myth, to prove good bonding
Longer intimacy is myth, to prove good bonding

Perhaps she like foreplay that is brief but powerful and well-planned. Many women claim that prolonged intercourse makes them fatigued and unpleasant because it produces vaginal damage. Yes, a partner’s suffering can be excruciating after hours of sexual activity.

Furthermore, the females have varied preferences, some want a deeper penetration, while others are enthralled by the powerful atmosphere of mutual desire, which causes everything to happen at a breakneck speed.

5. Women only enjoy direct intimacy ?

The Another Sex Myths is that Mostly men thinks that women only enjoy penetration or direct intimacy but most women prefer foreplay rather penetration. It’s only that a woman’s body is built in such a way that touching their sensitive parts like breasts, buttocks and touching and kisses provide the fair more pleasure than penetration.

See, Sex is a pleasure and path of happiness of any married life or relationship, it is not a toy game.

So, As per Vātsyāyana, subtlety turns her on, she desires you to touch her lightly rather than aggressively. You don’t have such delicate skin, so you’re perplexed as to why she prefers neck kisses to penetration.

You must accept the fact, which has been proved in several scientific articles. Intimacy is for happily pleasure thing as per desires and consents.

6. Men’s mentality towards Women’s desires

No, a woman wants intimacy because she enjoys being with you for love or happiness or whatever she feels for pleasure. They usually achieve orgasm with a guy they adore and who has a disposition that matches them.

Love without sex may be complex thing, sometime it true or sometimes it false. depends on conditions. But in most societies Men mentality always or mostly prejudice towards women sexual desires. For a simple example, If a women express their sexual desires openly then some orthodox or primitive men’s mentality thinks or doubts about her character.

Character assassination is common mindset in so many societies including in developed countries too. Which leading to harassments or bully sometimes.

7. If pain then it going good

pain is only part of joy, it is not mandatory
pain is only part of joy, it is not mandatory

Contrary to popular Sex Myths or belief, what men see as a sign of orgasm or sexual pain is frequently a sign of pleasure or success in intimacy. Screaming and scratching the back are the most common pain signals. Orgasm does not manifest itself in the same way as it does in porn.