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Buddhist philosophy is one of way to find truth and real aspect of this world. Buddhist philosophy is one of main theory which being taught around the world including many Famous Universities.

During Covid-19 time, we need more inner and outer peace, Everyone blaming to everyone, People lost the meaning of karma and to be human, So I tried a little to tell about law of karma and how it is so important to human and nature.

Buddhist philosophy and law of Karma

Buddhist philosophy and law of Karma

Buddhist philosophy and religion that both are based on a set of knowledge and awakenings.

Do you know the 12 laws of karma ? Read my article about to know 12 laws of karma from here.

Surely on some occasion you have heard someone say that life “is a matter of karma”, or that something good or bad has happened because of karma. 

You can find my another article about 12 laws of karma where I explain in brief.

The truth is that this concept closely linked to Buddhist philosophy is closely related to the idea of ​​justice that is had through that religion. 

But it is not a model of justice that must be followed under the threat that others (people or gods) punish us if we do not do it, but, according to the laws of karma, we must make that notion of justice part of our lives by ourselves.

Essence of laws of Karma

Buddhist philosophy , a religion that is based on a set of knowledge, habits and teachings that, through meditation and small gestures of the day to day, allow us to work out a transformation of our inner self. 

In search of karma

Essence of laws of Karma

Buddhism has a particular way of understanding existence and relationships between humans . 

Life and living being are variables. All we are doing is part of changing. This religion states that life is a process of constant change, a process that requires us to adapt and re-educate our minds to become stronger

Essence of laws of Karma

This is only achieved by being people with discipline (and, therefore, self-control) and being generous and grateful towards others. Love and compassion both are part of existence and relationships between us. In this way, we will be able to improve our mental state, reaching focus and spiritual calm.

People who practice this discipline often say that Buddhism in general and the laws of karma in particular allow them to better connect with their emotions, achieve better levels of understanding and be closer to happiness and well-being. 

Essence of laws of Karma

Furthermore, Buddhism seeks spiritual development based on a holistic and humanistic understanding of reality , trying to be careful with how we relate to other human beings

The laws of karma are a way of expressing this philosophy of life, in which harmony is sought between oneself and others, in a series of specific points that can be communicated verbally.

What are the laws of karma and what do they explain about life?

What are the laws of karma and what do they explain about life?

First, let’s start by defining the concept of ‘Karma’. It is a term of Dharmic origin and comes from the root kri (Kriyā) , which means ‘to do’

Therefore, karma is a concept closely related to action, to acting . Karma is an energy that transcends us, and that is the direct effect of the actions of each individual.

There are twelve laws of karma that explain to us exactly how this transcendental energy works . These laws allow us to know the ultimate meaning of our existence, through the teachings and advice of Buddhist philosophy. I explain the 12 laws in brief here in my another article, You can read it.

Buddhism is a non-theistic religion , since there is no omnipotent and creative God. 

What are the laws of karma and what do they explain about life?

In Buddhism, the laws come from nature, and the freedom of every human being is trusted to adhere to the advice of this philosophy, or not. 

In short, acting well or not so well is an individual decision and, based on these decisions we make every day, we are equally responsible for the consequences and effects that we have carved out for ourselves.In addition another artilce for 12 laws of karma, you should read it too.