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Coronavirus Marketing : What Content To Create a Business During Quarantine

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Coronavirus gives rise to panic and uncertainty. advertising shootings are canceled, employees go away , new restrictive measures are introduced and tension is growing. 

But this does not mean that business activity should stop. On the contrary, people sit at home, and they have even more free time to watch, read and listen and active to work from home.

So, It’s time to adapt to new conditions and invest in content that will be in demand during self-isolation. 

How to do Coronavirus Marketing

1. Animation

How to do Coronavirus Marketing

During the self-isolation mode, it will not be possible to conduct full-fledged shooting with actors. For such a project, you need to assemble a large team in one place, but now it is risky or even prohibited. 

In addition, most studios have already suspended work and left for their homes. If you were planning to shoot a video not at home, then it’s time to look for an alternative.

The easiest replacement for live shooting is to create animations. Here, quarantine does not impose restrictions, because the team can work remotely. Scriptwriters, illustrators, designers, 3D specialists and CGI generalists, even a broadcaster, they will all do their job without leaving home. 

tip This is an alternative to shooting with live actors, which can easily be done by a team on a remote site.

2. Advertising on video platforms 

Advertising on video platforms

In quarantine, people spend more time on content on channels that were not available at work. First of all, on videos on YouTube and in online cinemas. 

All streaming platforms feel the influx of users, and some industry leaders even have to lower the quality of the videos in order to ensure smooth operation for a growing number of viewers.

Do not forget that any streaming platform is an advertising channel. Your video can be placed before the start of the main content in the same window of the player (live-advertisement). On some platforms, advertising content is placed both at the end and during commercials, even during a pause. If you’ve never moved through these channels, now is the time to try: in the coming months, unprecedented attention will be riveted to the video.

To start a campaign with such advertising, you will need a video. If there is no money for the animation we discussed in the last step, use simpler alternatives. 

For example, you can collect a commercial from a stock video and put a voiceover. you will only pay for stocks, voiceovers and editing. In the end, the video can be shot on a smartphone if there is enough light in the room.

tip: YouTube and online movie theaters. In self-isolation, everyone will watch TV shows and anboxing, and at the same time they will see your commercial. If there is no money for animation, the video can be collected from stocks.

3. Text: newsletters and articles

Text: newsletters and articles

Quarantine is the time to clear the mail. Especially if your clients were released on vacation and there will be much less work letters in the near future. 

If you already have a newsletter, do not miss this chance and strengthen email marketing through personalization, discounts, and special offers. 

You have a lot of reasons to write: offer customers contactless delivery and tell us why it is important to support a business during a crisis.

Prepare text content for other traditional channels– media, blogging platforms, social networks. 

Now people will finally have time for long reads, case studies, analytics and long interviews. If you have long abandoned your blog or wanted to start developing a personal brand with expert posts on Medium, now is the best time to invest in such content. 

The easiest way to get attention is on sites where at least part of the text is created by users. That is, where you do not need to pay for the placement and agree with the editors.

tip: newsletters and articles. During quarantine, people will get their hands on mail and long reads – use this opportunity and attach to the text.

4. Integrations with bloggers

Integrations with bloggers

Bloggers are both people and businesses at the same time, so they are doubly affected. They, like everyone, have to sit at home and isolate themselves. And they can’t work: taking pictures on the street or during events, taking photos of food, traveling, doing collaborations, working on the site with a photographer or a film crew. 

They will gladly take up the advertising integration of the product, if it can be rented at home.

During the crisis, bloggers will have an outflow of customers, so you can bargain with them or agree to work on barter, that is, provide a product or service in exchange for an advertising post. Especially if this blogger is not one of the top list.

To make advertising integration, you can write to a blogger directly or find a contractor who is engaged in such placement. There are still platforms like google Blogger, WordPress, where you pay the site for the selection and contacts of bloggers, but negotiate on your own. 

tip If your product can be advertised without leaving your home, bloggers will be able to beat out more favorable terms.

5. Podcasts


Podcasts are the perfect content to stick all night. Under them you can train, clean, cook, throw garbage or go to the store. All quarantined entertainment is much nicer to do under soothing conversations of smart people.

If you’re not ready to pay the fictitious Medusa for advertising integration in the podcast, try creating your own. Podcasts are easy to record remotely. To have a conversation, connect the person you are talking to on Skype or Zoom, and both record the speech. 

If you want to lead a podcast alone – for example, tell stories, then a voice recorder is enough. Just have to think in advance a monologue and write a script. 

A good podcast is notable for recording quality and thoughtful sound design. The first without access to the studio will be difficult, but the sound design is easy to do remotely.

tip This is the perfect content to stick and kill time, besides it is not difficult to create it on a remote site.

6. Everything that has been put off for a long time: re-branding, corporate identity, updating the site

Everything that has been put off for a long time: re-branding, corporate identity, updating the site

It’s rare when an enterprise has the resources to stop for a few weeks, revise the concept, and then return to work at the old pace. Since we have a forced pause, try using it to close content projects that did not have time before: corporate identity, brand book or corporate blog articles.

If you don’t have delivery, then most likely traffic will drop on the site during quarantine. At this time, it is advantageous to slow down the work, roll out a new update or modify the running sections. 

Quitting quarantine with a new site or rebranding is an information guide, a way to remind customers about themselves after a break, and a beautiful story for any kind of content. 

If the business has a flow of customers, less money is left on advertising. Therefore, agencies also start a crisis. Try to negotiate with contractors about more favorable conditions for large projects, for example, to develop a new corporate identity. 

Most likely, the price will be lower, and the time will be even faster than before quarantine.

tip If the last six months you can’t update the site, rebrand or add an article to your blog, take up this content during the break. When quarantine is removed, there will again be no time for it.

During quarantine, it is beneficial to invest from your desk at home. You can make a good starts ups of services too. Be innovative and think what you have qualities.