Amazing and Mysterious Huge headless Buddha statue found China !!

News from China never ceases to amaze! In Chongqing City, a nine-meter headless Buddha statue was found propping up a residential building, just like Atlas holding the firmament in his hands, But mystery is that the head of the statue is not there.

giant statue between two building

A huge headless Buddha statue, believed to date from the Qing dynasty in southwest China. The 30-foot-tall statue, without the head, was discovered on a cliff between two high-rise residential buildings in Chongqing’s Nanan district.

It is reported that the existence of an ancient statue in this place was not even suspected by many residents of this house, not to mention everyone else. The statue recently came to attention after many posted its image on social media.

Many residents who have lived nearby for decades said they were unaware of its existence.

The statue was found removing the vegetation that covered it. The photographs show the scale, it is really impressive.

In an interview with the local media, one of the neighbors of the house said that he remembers this statue: “She was here when I was young. It had a head, but then it was damaged.”

Another resident said that many years ago there was a temple in the area, but in the 1980s construction of multi-story buildings began here and the temple was demolished. It is said that This Buddha statue is almost a thousand years old.

The local department of cultural heritage has launched an investigation.

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