The riots that began in the United States due to the murder of a black man by George Floyd caused serious financial and reputational damage to the USA.

It is no secret to no one that for most Afro-Americans taking part in the demonstrations, the main thing is not the triumph of justice, but the opportunity to steal, destroy and humiliate with impunity.

In analyzing all this, analysts had a completely intolerant desire to figure out how America would change if all Afro-Americans living in the country suddenly disappeared.

To be fair, it’s worth noting that the situation wasn’t considered when only Afro-Americans people in black ghettos would disappear, but absolutely all African-Americans, including Will Smith and Barack Obama. The statistics turned out to be very interesting and stimulating.

First, it should be noted that the U.S. population. It would be reduced by 11.4%, but the number of Americans working is only 1.4%.

But in American prisons, prisoners would be up to 48% less, and the number of members of all gangs would immediately decrease by 53%.

65% fewer people will become infected with HIV and 59% fewer patients with chlamydia. The number of gonorrhea patients will decrease by 69% and syphilis by 57%.

Due to the fact that there is no need to provide benefits to millions of unemployed people, the average annual income of Americans will grow by $20,000.

The number of beggars will be reduced by 54%, and homeless people by 65%.

The Democratic Party will lose at least 26% of its voters, and the average IQ of Americans will increase by 7.4%, and at this indicator the United States will catch up with Japan.

The average approval score for SAT tests for college admission will immediately increase by 100 points and amount to 1,100.

As you can see, the image looms: The United States without Afro-Americans may well become a branch of heaven on earth, and this, from the point of view of the balance between good and evil, cannot afford.

I wonder how America would live if not only Afro-Americans, but in general all non-Indigenous people, were eliminated from it.


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