How beautiful it is ! NASA’s rare public “Jupiter close-up cloud top”

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and the fastest rotating planet. It only takes 10 hours to spend a day on Jupiter. On July 5, 2016, NASA’s space probe Juno entered Jupiter’s polar orbit, and since then many precious photos have been taken. 

Several pictures of the Jupiter cloud top recently taken by Juno and transmitted back to Earth are amazing

The Juno has been orbiting Jupiter. For most of the time, it is very far away from this huge planet, but every 53 days, it will come to the North Pole near Jupiter and proceed there.

A two-hour leap. During this period, the equipment carried by the Juno will collect data, and the JunoCam camera will take the opportunity to take a picture and send it back to the earth.

The cloud layer on the top of Jupiter has obvious stripes, with bright and dark stripes and colorful colors. Jupiter’s rapid autobiography, the cloud is drawn into a strip, the light band is the atmospheric high pressure band.

the dark band is the low pressure band. NASA often publishes photos taken by JunoCam cameras and welcomes netizens for post-processing.

Kevin M. Gill, NASA’s software engineer, created the latest photos of Jupiter’s cloud top taken by Juno.

From these photos, the light and dark stripes of Jupiter’s cloud top can be clearly seen. Jupiter also has a lightning phenomenon similar to the earth, and Juno photographed these precious pictures.

The clouds on Jupiter seem to be disordered, but they actually contain laws of nature. These incredible photos let us see the beauty of the distant planet.

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