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MIT’s Emergency Ventilator (E-Vent) Project can be game changer in Covid-19 crisis. E-Vent is a open-source ventilator having low cost. MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has registered a new inexpensive “open-source” respirator for emergency coronavirus use, and E-Vent will be approved very soon in the US.

mit building
The Great Dome and Building 10 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the lack of material and medical devices for extreme situations. 

We are not only talking about the scarcity of masks that the general population is suffering, but also the necessary equipment for treatment.

Artificial respirators, devices designed to move air in and out of the lungs, have become the most requested equipment by hospitals around the world. 

The respirator developed by MIT and released by the MIT

In the most serious stages of COVID-19, the patient is unable to breathe on his own and needs the help of these machines.

Problem is that we need cheap and large ventilators

The number of critically ill patients far exceeds the number of artificial respirators available. This has motivated the technological and scientific sector to develop and manufacture more units at high speed. Many countries are working on it.

E-Vent will be a cheap coronavirus respirator

But that may not be enough. Respirators or ventilators are complex and expensive devices, and therefore their production will be complicated even if the whole industry gets on with it. 

That is why the real solution may lie in the development of alternative respirators.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has come up with a similar alternative.

E-Vent, a respirator that would not only be cheap to produce, but could be manufactured by anyone without being held accountable.


It’s called E-Vent and the funny thing about this project is that it’s actually quite old. It was a decade ago that MIT students designed it primarily with rural and developing countries in mind. 

E-Vent is a manual respirator, so it requires a medical worker to operate so that the patient can continue breathing. But in an emergency situation, it can mean life or death.


The team went on to build a prototype and publish their study. The goal was to create a respirator that was cheap and didn’t need access to an outlet, but back then that wasn’t a priority. Who was going to tell us that this is exactly what we need now .

At MIT they have realized this, and have dedicated these days to recovering the project and improving E-Vent. the changes introduced facilitate the use of the device and change the chassis for a metal one to improve durability. 

This modified respirator has already been filed with the FDA, the US organization that will handle testing with pigs, for possible approval for human use “in the near future.”

Free and cheap

Free and cheap
Illustration of charity support

It is unclear when that will be, but MIT has already anticipated that this respirator will be “open-source.” This means that they will publish all the plans and instructions necessary to manufacture it on the Internet, so that anyone can manufacture them without having to pay a license .

lets take care of the world

That may seem like a trifle, but in reality medical patents are one of the great obstacles to manufacturing medical equipment in emergency situations. 

So much so that the European Union decided a few days ago to suspend the intellectual property Rights of some medical products, so that companies other than the owners could manufacture them.

This respirator will not only be available to everyone, E-Vent will be really cheap to manufacture. The original prototype cost about $100, but with the changes introduced and the current price of materials, it is expected to be much less.

E-Vent will be really cheap to manufacture

Yes, Still there is lot need to do, and all humanity doing to save itself. Be safe and hopeful because time can not be a constant, It will change.

MIT’s E- vent project is open source , you can know more basic information from here.


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