Maya Civilization is one of most ancient and mystical civilization, we know very little and cannot even say with certainty why their powerful cities fell into decay. 

The Spaniards (a native or inhabitant of Spain), having captured the lands of Yucatan in the 16th century, found only fragments of former greatness, which, nevertheless, amazed the imagination of the conquistadors.

maya pyramids

Of all the ancient civilizations, In the Maya Civilization culture remains the most interesting and mysterious. 


A stone road with a length of 100 kilometers is one of the most impressive structures that have survived to this day.

Much of the heritage of the ancient people is hidden by impenetrable jungle and nature is reluctant to allow people to these secrets. 

The jungle carefully preserves the secrets of ancient civilization, perfectly hiding even the most majestic objects. 

That is why the Mayan Great White Road, about 100 km long, was discovered only in the 30s of the 20th century, and then by accident. 

100 km road

People in the thicket of the forest often came across sections paved with carefully hewn stones, but no one could even imagine that the sites scattered over tens of kilometers were part of an ancient road.

The first explorers of the Maya Civilization road believed that it was straight like an arrow and connected two end points: the large city of Koba with the small remote village of Yaksuna

Archaeologists immediately had a question – why build a grand stone highway to connect the ancient metropolis with a village.

maya civilization

Later it turned out that the road was not perfectly straight and deviated from the line, connecting a number of settlements important to Maya from a trade and strategic point of view. 

The village of Yaksun was only the place where the last stone of the ancient highway was laid.

Scientists have found that the road was built during the heyday of the Mayan cities, about 1300 years ago, and the ruler of the construction was given by the ruler. 

The Great White Road was needed in order to ensure the fastest possible movement of troops and cargo within the empire

The village of Yaksun was the most remote outpost of the kingdom on the borders with the neighboring hostile state – Chechen Itza.

Mayan road is considered a miracle by both archaeologists and engineers. Throughout its length, it has a width of 8 meters and is made of stone blocks of limestone of different sizes

In the Maya Civilization times, the road was covered with stucco, which, as the researchers suggest, glowed in the dark thanks to special mineral additives.

100 km road

During the construction of the Mayans did not take into account the difficult terrain, while maintaining the main direction of the route. 

The hills they met on the way, they tore down to the base, and hollows and ravines were covered with limestone blocks and earth. Slave labor was widely used, so the grandiose volumes of work by Mayan engineers were not at all embarrassed.

Many Maya Civilization researchers who have devoted many years to the study of Mayan heritage, believes that the road served not only to move troops and goods, but also as an important landmark. 

Today, almost the entire Great White Road is hidden by the jungle, but a thousand years ago it was different. It did not pass through the forest, but through corn fields and orchards and her bright white canvas was visible from afar.

Great White Road

There were very few forests where the Mayans lived, since the native Red Indians actively cut down the trees necessary for construction and as firewood. 

The Great White Road also consumed a lot of wood – for the manufacture of plaster covering its surface, it was necessary to burn limestone in grandiose

Every 8 km the road expanded into a platform where travelers could rest. Thus, even at a halt, troops or merchants could remain on a flat, dry surface, without stepping on soil that became wet due to rain or, on the contrary, dried by the sun to the state of fine dust.

The Great White Road, along with the magnificent Mayan pyramids and the large-scale ruins of their cities, proves that in ancient times the Indians were very familiar with geometry, astronomy and engineering

Without solid knowledge in these fields of science, it would be impossible to create a path that precisely connects dozens of towns and cities and has been preserved for 13 centuries.But there are also many hidden mysteries in Maya Civilization. One of most mystery what happened to the mayans or maya civilization,Mystic secrets and many more.

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