Oddest love traditions from around the world

Oddest love traditions from around the world

Is love really weird? If you think so, then here we tell you that love and marriage can be really strange. At least some traditions are strange when you come to know about the strange or oddest love traditions of the whole world.

What ordinary people don’t do in love to woo their lover. You’re going to the movies, go out and purchase some flowers and sweets, dinner at a restaurant.

Of course, all of this is adorable and lovely, but it isn’t unique. These Oddest love traditions from around the world or courtship traditions, on the other hand, have entirely different story! Unusual, unique, and intriguing.

True, you shouldn’t follow these oddest traditions if you got inspired, else, your overly modern and traditional lady may abandon you and never return.

Finland: Finnish knives

The oddest love traditions from around the world, 
Finland: Finnish knives
Finnish knives

In Finland, until the 19th century, when a girl reached marriageable age, her father put an empty scabbard on her belt. If a guy liked her, all he had to do was place his knife in her sheath.

If the girl returned the knife to its owner, she would be uninterested in it, but if she kept it, it would be taken to the wedding.

Thailand: Buying a date or marriage

A bride can be purchased in the Thai province of Chiang Rai. When a man likes a girl, he approaches her and begins flirting with her. They set up a date if she likes him.

They then proceed to the girl’s house, where the groom haggles with her mother over the expense of their dates and how long they will meet. If he really likes the girl, he can also buy her marriage.

Buying brides is or used to happen in almost every country where tribal live. But it still happens in South Asia countries.

Ireland: kiss me I’m Irish

Because Irish gypsy girls are not permitted to date, if a boy want to attract a girl’s attention, he must seize her and kiss her. This is a really unromantic and difficult first kiss.

Austria: Apple slices under their arms

The oddest love traditions from around the world, Austria: Apple slices under their arms

Unmarried women in rural Austria in the nineteenth century wore apple slices under their arms and danced till they sweated. The apples, which had been soaked in their sweat, were then given to their spouses.

Certainly, yes, the companion had to eat this apple in order to “soak in the erotic perfume of his bride.”

South Africa: Zulu Love Huts

The oddest love traditions from around the world, South Africa: Zulu Love Huts
Zulu Love Huts

If the girl and her fiancé have long passed the “bouquet and sweets” stage, the bride’s father will construct a separate “love” cabin on his land. At night, his daughter and her lover can meet there.

In reality, the groom is ignored by the father until he requests that his daughter take the livestock from him.

Kyrgyzstan: Bride kidnapping

If you admire a woman in Kyrgyzstan, simply seize her and force her to marry you. This is an old practice that resurfaced after the Soviet Union fell apart. According to statistics, about half of the population of the country married in this manner.

The girl a man kidnaps is usually someone he knows, but strangers have been kidnapped as well.

But this tradition has become like a crime here because there is no consent in it. There has also been a movement against it in Kyrgyzstan.(link)

Sahel region: Wodaabe Courtship Festival

The oddest love traditions from around the world, Sahel region: Wodaabe Courtship Festival

The same man flaunts in the African tribe of Wodaabe. Wodaabe males value beauty and groom themselves all day to suit their female partners.

Male attractiveness reaches new heights during the Gerewol courting festival. This event, which can last up to a week, requires men to dress up. They compete in a dance competition known as “yaake.” Women simply arrive and select suitors.

Cambodia: Courtship House

The oddest love traditions from around the world, Cambodia: Courtship House

Fathers build huts for their adolescent daughters in Cambodia so that they can talk (and not just communicate) with their suitors.

Girls are welcome to bring their lovers to these huts, and if there are numerous, it isn’t a problem – after all, she will have to try them all to pick the right one.

May be that’s quite sophisticated for your fantasies !!!

The Chinese Dai: “Visitors” of the people give

The Chinese Dai have a courtship rite known as “visitors.” Men with red blankets approach the girls as they gather around the fire with spinning wheels. Each man picks a woman to sing to and begins singing to her.

If a woman appreciates the way a man sings, she will offer him a chair and require him to cover her shoulders with a blanket. Isn’t this a lovely ritual?

Bali: tooth-cutting ritual

When young people in Bali achieve maturity, they participate in a tooth-cutting ritual. Their upper fangs are cut down to the incisors during the ceremony.

This is ostensibly done to protect young people from evil tendencies and to prepare them for marriage.