Reading body signs are Non-verbal communication skill. Several specialists are sure that even the most notorious liar can be brought to clean water, watching the language of his body. 

And in this, he is right, because no one is able to fully control his facial and gestures. Light squint, frequent blinking, awkward body turn – all this indicates the attitude of man to you and his true mood.

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Eyes Are Mirror


“Eyes are a mirror of the soul” is a familiar expression to everyone. And invented it for a reason, because even the most calm people in a critical situation change the expression of the face and look through the eyes.

For example, If in conversation with you the interlocutor covers his eyes, it is not drowsy – just he was tired of the conversation. 


A slight squint can indicate the discontent that a person is trying to hide. And if he blinks often, he’s probably uncomfortable with you. Perhaps he experiences unpleasant emotions, worries about something or feels defenseless.

If a person squints a little, but at the same time smiles, he is sincerely glad of what you said, or just feels warm feelings for you.

Neck posture


Unconscious desire to cover the neck is an indicator that a person seeks to protect himself. He’s scared, he’s stressed, but he’s probably trying to hide it.

If you notice that the interlocutor covered the jugular vein with his hand or fingers, try to take care of him. Your interlocutor feels defenseless. Ask him how he’s doing, if he’s okay with the job.

If the interlocutor unknowingly touches the upper part of the chest, he experiences anxiety. More often than not, such a signal is unwittingly sent by girls, if they are burdened by some problem.

Mouth and Lips Expressions

READING BODY SIGNS of mouth and lips

Tightly compressed lips on of most important in Reading body signs – it’s a bad sign. Such a signal indicates that the interlocutor finds it difficult to give an answer or is angry with the question. Apparently, he’s going to try to evade or lie to you.

But, A little ajar mouth, especially in combination with wide open eyes, says that the interlocutor is not indifferent to you. It is quite possible that he would like to have a cup of coffee with you or like you.


If your child is working hard, sticking out the tip of his tongue, or leading them on the inside of his cheek, know that he works on his conscience. This signal means that the person is completely absorbed in the process.

Hands Convey Decisions

hand signs meaning

If the interlocutor actively gesticulates, tries to explain or supplement his words with gestures, he is sincerely passionate. But the stingy movements and hands hidden in the pocket say the opposite.

tree shape hand meaning

Also, the attitude of the person to you can be indicated by the way he sits. If the interlocutor puts his hands on the table, the conversation gives him pleasure. Keeps his hands close to him , it means, considers the conversation business or does not want to open to you.

Hands in the pose “house” is a powerful message to others. A man is confident, he clearly knows what he is talking about, and it will not be easy to confuse him.

Body Positions are Complex but Important

all body postures meaning

If a person is relaxed and feels comfortable, his pose will be as free as possible. A little turned to you body says that the interlocutor is sincerely interested. If he stands evenly, but at the same time tries to hide his hands and clearly control the movements, he does not say something, and perhaps cunning.

The ability to notice nonverbal body signals is a real talent. Learning it is difficult, but it does not mean that it is not worth trying. 

Looking at the interlocutor more closely, you can always understand what he is thinking. In addition, the knowledge of gestures can be useful in some professions, for example, flight attendants. 

True, they thus denote dishes in the menu, but still it is very interesting of Reading body signs.

various sitting way

To predict exact answers and Reading body signs of gesture are too complex but we can find out most simple meaning of daily life gestures. Many celebrities, Politicians etc. are often using this skill to win situations.

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