most beautiful birds


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Thanks to Mother Nature, we can see many magnificent creatures, most beautiful birds are some of the exquisite and beautiful flying creatures.

Nature rewarded many birds with unsurpassed grace, magnificence of color shades and indescribable grace. The most beautiful birds in the world are a true embodiment of not only beauty, but also unique splendor.

Curly Arasari


The kinky Arasari has earned its name due to the unique curly tuft of feathers on the crown. It is among the most beautiful birds which belongs to the toucan family and is one of its most beautiful representatives

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin duck is a bird painted in such bright colors that it can definitely be attributed to the category of the most beautiful birds in the Russia and The most beautiful bird in world too.

Stunning overflows and saturation of the color of the pen distinguish the male from the females. A scattering of golden spots is located on the wings, and the contrast of the brown body and the fiery red beak makes the mandarin duck a magnificent bird.

Grey Crowned Crane

 Grey Crowned Crane

The bright, memorable appearance of the Grey crowned crane makes the bird one of the most beautiful on the planet. Residents of East and West Africa can be proud of their unsurpassed inhabitants.

This bird is under protection, since the bright appearance of the crowned crane attracts hunters.

An amazing feature of these beautiful birds in the manner of performing a certain dance during the mating season.

Longtail Velvet Weaver

Longtail Velvet Weaver, MOST BEAUTIFUL BIRDS

Nature has endowed a long-tailed velvet weaver with a chic black tail that falls like a widow’s veil. Thanks to this feature, the second name of a beautiful bird is “widow”.

The bulk of velvet weavers are found in South Africa. The female from the male can be distinguished by the length of the black tail. In a male, he reaches forty centimetres, which is a couple of times the length of the body of a beautiful bird.



Quetzal is a symbol of Guatemala. Even the monetary unit of this country is called similarly with the name of a beautiful bird, Quetzal.

Males of this species of birds are represented in bright green color with the addition of a metallic gold placer. The contrast of the dark feather on the wings with the general coloring of a beautiful bird looks incomparable.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise, MOST BEAUTIFUL BIRDS

Bird of paradise mainly lives in New Guinea, where there are thirty-five species. In total, there are more than forty-five species of birds of paradise in the world, which stand out from their relatives with the indescribable brightness of plumage and attractive color.

Crowned Pigeons


Crowned pigeons can often be found in New Guinea, where there are three varieties of them. just a crowned pigeon, chestnut chest and fan-bearing. The difference between them is insignificant, but all three species are united by the fabulous and pretty beauty of birds.

Loria Parrot

We often see parrots, which are mostly endowed with nature with a bright color. However, among the parrots there are certain representatives who are considered the most-most beautiful.

One of these bright flying creatures is the Loria parrot. A specific feature of the bird is a tongue with a brush, thanks to which the loria parrot collects pollen and nectar, like a bee.


Peacocks are a monotonic species that is not divided into subspecies. Although peacocks differ in color, each of the representatives is nevertheless quite beautiful and unique.

Very often you can see peacocks not only at resorts for photo shoots, but also just at home. The peacock is remarkably tame, which allows owners to show off a beautiful bird in front of guests. Peacock females look modest, unlike pathos males.

It is believed that a graceful creation brings peace, comfort and harmony to the house. The only drawback of the peacock is its unpleasant cry.

Blue Capped Tanagra


Rain forests are a haven of fabulously beautiful birds – blue-tanagans. These unique birds are divided into three subspecies, which can only be distinguished by the size of the speck and the color of the head.

Atlantic Impasse

Atlantic impasse, MOST BEAUTIFUL BIRDS

One of the beautiful seabirds is the Atlantic Dead End. Deadlocks live on the shores of two oceans: the Atlantic and the Arctic.

Hence the name of the bird is. Atlantic puffins equip their homes in burrows, and the main food for beautiful representatives of the purebred family is fish

Guiana Rocky Cockerel

Guiana Rocky Cockerel, MOST BEAUTIFUL BIRDS

The main decoration of the Guiana rock cockerel is the original crest on the crown, which is formed of feathers in a couple of rows.

Like many species of birds, the female rocky cockerel looks modest, but the male has a bright orange plumage.

Livingston Bananaeer

Livingston Bananaeer, MOST BEAUTIFUL BIRDS

Livingston’s banana-eater or Helmet-bearing turaco lives in African forests or Savannah. The name of the bird is a little misleading and you might involuntarily think that a beautiful bird eats bananas, but this is absolutely not so.

Livingston’s banana-eater prefers to eat berries, insects, or young shoots of plants. A funny crest, a long tail make the bird original, and the green and blue iridescent color of the feather makes you admire the beauty of Livingston’s banana-eater for hours.



Kingfisher is one of the birds that cannot walk on its legs, as they are very small. The bird moves in small flights. The feathers of the kingfisher have a unique color, however, a person does not always manage to admire this beauty.

Kingfisher is a solitary bird, therefore it is rather difficult to meet it.

Red Northern Cardinal

The beautiful red cardinal bird earned its name due to the bright raspberry color of the feather. But not all representatives of this species of birds look delightful, but only males with a fabulous speck on their heads, reminiscent of a black mask in shape.



We all know songs glorifying the beauty of pink flamingos. Bright plumage, long legs and a curved neck make the bird truly one of the most beautiful birds on planet Earth.

The huge beak of a flamingo does not spoil the appearance of a beautiful view.

There are lot of creature and most beautiful birds which need to be mentioned. Comment me so that I can add up more !!