Yes, There are lot of methods or tricks to stop wasting time. but let I share my experiences first, In this last year I have learned one thing, well I have learned many … But there is one that has really surprised me


I am going to introduce a little more the subject so that it is better understood …

It has been a year without schedules, in which I decided what time I got up and what I wanted to do with my time. 

I wanted to make the most of it, studying languages, taking courses and spending my time doing things that I like, but … I have learned one thing …The more free time you have, the more you miss it! 

The more free time you have, the more you miss it!

This is called “procrastinating”, the definition of which is: deferring, postponing obligations and I would add finishing things in twice as long as normal …

The Internet is very guilty and all at some point: we get lost on the net, watching videos on YouTube, jumping from one blog to another … We get caught in front of the TV, reviewing all the photos on the phone … Anything before doing what we should do. 

The more free time you have, the more you miss it!

Leaving for tomorrow what we should do today, always waiting for the last moment.

That is why in today’s post I am going to share my tricks to fight against wasted time, tips that will help you focus on what is important and get everything you want to finish.


1. Take time to organize yourself. 

Take time to organize yourself

Many times part of the reluctance to start doing something is because we have accumulated clutter and pending tasks …

The mail tray with 1000 unread e-mails, telegram , WhatsApp all full of messages, unread stories on Instagram , the computer desktop full of photos and files, the folders without names, a thousand Pages in favorites and you never find any … You have lost control and you like it or you don’t have to put order. 

tricks to stop wasting time.

Sometimes we see this as wasted time, but I assure you it is the best investment. Once everything is organized, you will work with another energy and you will not waste time looking for things …

2. Start with the most difficult or laziest. 

Start with the most difficult or laziest

This has two very great advantages: if we start with the most difficult we take advantage of the energy of the first hours and once finished we will get extra motivation to continue.

Start with the most difficult or laziest

Thus If you have more energy and confidence then you must start with difficult task first, If you are with less energy or less confidence then do easy one first.

3. make to “do list” and “what not to do” list

make to "do list" and "what not to do" list

Create a task list first but remember that “to do list” only will success when you create “what not to do list” .

means every time I made “to do list” , In starting I followed strictly but deviated after sometime and got bored from my essential work so I left “to do list task” or take some rest ( Which going to be big rest ) from it,

surprise that tricks to stop wasting time.

And suddenly start wasting time with unproductive tasks like chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp, searching some randoms on google, or watching YouTube funny videos.

What !!! My first Priority become Second, And my second priority become first….My Oops moments !!

So, According to my Father you have to make “what not to do list” if you want to complete your “to do task” , So I escaped wasting time, Thanks Papa !!!

4. Create fictitious deadlines with rewards  

deadline of work

Create a task list and set a time limit in which you will have to finish everything. I set my times for tasks. 

For example from 10:00 to 10:30 write newsletter, from 10:30 to 11:00 retouch photos … In addition to feeling the pressure of the time limit I had a clearer idea of ​​how much time I really need to do each thing. 

deadline of work

Many times he was too optimistic and set very short times that he had to readjust. 

My rewards were very silly: stop for coffee, read blogs … It is important to also mark a reward time so that it does not get out of hand …

5. The Internet makes us waste time but also helps us optimize it.  

The Internet makes us waste time but also helps us optimize it.

There are a lot of tools to help you get organized, Take some time to research and select the ones you like the most. 

There is a tool for every problem. If you are one of those who cannot control checking their social networks every five minutes you can:  block the pages you choose for a certain time

I have not tried them yet but I have found good comments on these two: SelfControl  and  StayFocusd .

The Internet makes us waste time but also helps us optimize it.

These are my tricks to avoid procrastinating, I have to confess that I cannot always focus, I am not a robot … So if you have moments or days when you are a little more lost do not punish yourself, breathe and start again.

And you? Are you one of those who leave everything for tomorrow? Can you help me complete the list with more tips?

I know this is so short, I will share with you more tips and tricks to manage time, surely. but for now please comment and share your methods about some tricks to stop wasting time.