“What makes us happier” is a search of every person or society. Happiness depends upon ourselves, it is sometimes based upon desires, sometimes base upon inner satisfactions. is it a science ?, You can read my another article about happiness which tell 11 scientific methods of happiness


Our karma always on way to find happiness or some kind of sanctification which make us happier. But how do you exercise happiness ? and what is happiness is: 

  • 1. State of pleasant spiritual and physical satisfaction
  • 2. Person, situation, object or group of them that contribute to make you happy. 
  • 3. Absence of inconveniences or stumbles.

In general, happiness does not appear by magic, happiness must be sought, we can all influence it through our decisions, thoughts, actions as well as the attitude we adopt towards what happens to us. Happiness is a state of mind, a way of being and seeing life, which must be worked and practiced.


1. Do things for others 

Do things for others

Caring for, helping and caring for the people around us helps us to strengthen ties and create a happier society. Develop capacity to leave something for others. Much research claims that being nice to others increases our levels of happiness. It satisfies us.

Kindness can be as simple as a smile, a thank you, or a word of encouragement

Do things for others

It is a way to connect, even if only for a brief moment, with those who go through our lives. For example, we could give up our seat on the train or pick up and return someone’s glove when they drop it. 

As the Dalai Lama says: “Be kind whenever possible, always possible”

2. Connect with Positive people

Connect with Positive people
A group of cheerful friends

We are social animals, We cant live in a void. We can see that if you have group of friends or societies then you can connect more people, can share more and find more solutions of daily life problems. So often, good and healthy connections make you charged positively, self-confident.

People with strong and broad social relationships are happier, healthier, and live longer. 

Connect with Positive people

Close relationships with family and friends provide love, meaning, support, and increase our feelings of self-worth.

3. Take care of your body

Connect with Positive people

Body and mind are connected. Being active makes us happier, as well as being good for our health. It instantly improves our mood and can even lift us from depression. Body is self healing thing. We can see that body is self capable to heal normal physical problems like normal disease, stress, pain etc.

disconnecting from technology

We can also increase our well-being by disconnecting from technology, do light exercises, going out or near to nature, see birds, see beaches, see flowers, see large sky in night and making sure we get enough sleep! 

Remember: “A healthy body is a happy body.” 

So, If body is good then your energy and capacity would be high enough, So, healthy body make your mind so happy to achieve anything

4. Live life consciously 

Live life consciously

Slow down buddy. Life is really fast, sometime make your life slow is great decision. Find some void to rethink, to self analysis, to self heal. So, Join the slow movement, enjoy the small pleasures of life, pamper yourself a little

Live life consciously

The key is the famous mindfulness or mindfulness, that is, experiencing what surrounds us with intensity, seeing, hearing, touching and also feeling all the sensations that come from within us. 

Live life consciously

Countless studies have shown the benefits of mindfulness on our physical and mental well-being.Feel what you doing is the main key of life and happiness

5. Reinvent yourself and read great books

Reinvent yourself and read great books

learn new things, read, ask what you don’t know. Do something different: try a new restaurant, solve the riddles, go home another way, live new experiences, learn something new, read, ask a friend to teach you something etc… 

Reinvent yourself and read great books

To reinvent yourself should be goal of your life. if your version of life not running good then upgrade it by adding something valuable or happenings things. Sometime Practicals with yourself make us happier

6. Set yourself defined and realistic goals.  

Set yourself defined and realistic goals.

The first step is to think of something you would like to achieve, write it down and visualize it. Share it and set a deadline to get it, that will motivate you. They don’t have to be big goals, you can start with small purposes like: walking to work every day, not eating junk food, reading a book a month

Set yourself defined and realistic goals.

We know, Achievements and success make us happier But if you have big goals then divide into small parts, and try to achieve each part step by step. every little success will give you boost to another step, thus you will easily find the way to achieve your ultimate goal.

7. Resilience. Find ways to recover

Resilience. Find ways to recover

You cannot control what happens to you, but you can choose your reaction. Look for the bright side of things, opportunities in adversity. 

Resilience. Find ways to recover

Be in move on mode, always. Life will give more opportunities if you move on.

For example: having your work day reduced can be an opportunity to spend time with your family, rest or learn something new.

8. Do things that make you feel good and express yourself

Do things that make you feel good and express yourself

Do what you want to do which doesn’t harm to others. Listen to music, draw, dance, call a friend, shout if you want, cry if you want …

Recent research shows that experiencing them regularly creates an “upward spiral”, helping to build our resources. 

Do things that make you feel good and express yourself

So while we need to be realistic about the ups and downs of life, it helps to focus on the good aspects of any situation – the glass half full instead of the glass half empty.

See how high you can fly, see your wings

9. Don’t compare yourself to others 

Don't compare yourself to others

You will notice that we always compare to higher side of others, so it makes us sad sometimes. If we see our self then we will find that we neither so much on higher side nor so much on lower side. We, mostly always remain in middle, so many people behind us. besides this, No one is perfect, we usually have a negative vision of ourselves and idealized of the rest. 

Be grateful for what you have, do not wait until you lack to realize what you had.

Don't compare yourself to others

There are lot of stuffs, methods, ideologies which we can discuss to make us happier.for examples, We can follow Buddha’s 8-ways or middle path, I strong believe that a life can make us happier when we find real motto of it, so find yourself, know yourself to be happy. Read about great personalities, respect the nature etc.

I shared some keys here , You can tell me more by commenting in below. Please share so that we can be more happier.

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