Sleep Paralysis – The Horror Experience of “Ghost Press”

sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is When you wake up from your sleep and find that your body can’t move, and you can’t make a sound, you can’t do anything while looking around, is it terrible that fear gradually devours yourself ? But may people relate it to paranormal or ghost experiences. Lets know this.

This is what we call the “ghost press” phenomena. This occurrence, in fact, has nothing to do with ghosts. This is referred to as Sleep Paralysis by experts. So, what’s the big deal, and why does it happen?

sleep paralysis, Sleep Paralysis – The Horror Experience of “Ghost Press”

 How did sleep paralysis occur ?

This phenomenon generally occurs during REM Stage (Rapid Eye Movement) when we sleep . At this time, in order not to allow our body to make actions that will hurt ourselves or react to dreams, our Voluntary Muscles will enter a “paralyzed” state, which is why we cannot move. 

Sleep paralysis is when our brain consciousness wakes up during REM Stage , but our body is still in a state where it cannot move.

Sleep Paralysis – The Horror Experience of “Ghost Press”

There will be hallucinations and hallucinations owing to fear when patients experience sleep paralysis. This also explains why some people reported seeing “ghosts” and “demons” in the room and hearing footsteps coming slowly.

Sleep Paralysis – The Horror Experience of “Ghost Press”

Why experience sleep paralysis

Although there is no definitive cause for sleep paralysis, it is more likely to occur in persons who are under a lot of stress, have irregular work and rest schedules, have little sleep, have an anxious or depressive personality, and so on.

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If you have experienced sleep paralysis, do not feel too scared. Each sleep paralysis usually lasts only a few seconds to a few minutes. The horror hallucinations you feel are not true. 

Don’t worry about going through this phenomenon again before going to sleep, because excessive anxiety is very likely to increase the chance of it happening again.

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