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Having dreams means that you are in deep sleep and your mind is constantly weaving a story to keep your organs active. If you are not having dreams after sleeping then it is more likely that you are not getting good sleep.

The reason for this could be stress, spending too much time on mobile or laptop, consuming too much alcohol etc. It is also possible that your sleeping pattern may have changed due to some reason.

Dreaming is a scientific process for the body and is an indicator of your health. After sleeping, the brain can rest the organs to some extent, but it does not allow them to stop working so that we can survive. So that’s why the mind spins a story, and you dream. During this time, your heartbeat and blood circulation increase or decrease, and due to this, the important organs keep functioning. Some people even feel sweaty or tired in their dreams.

Dreams come only during good sleep, so if you are not having dreams then there is every possibility that you are not able to sleep properly. It is important that you reduce stress, get good exercise and follow a fixed sleeping pattern. Look how dreams don’t come.

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