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Whether to travel in AC-II (Second AC) or AC-III (Third AC) in Indian trains depends on your cost and comfort preference. There is not much difference between AC II tier and AC III tier, but AC II tier is more expensive and comfortable than AC III tier.

Indian Railway fare system in AC 2 and AC 3

Fare may vary with train type and policies but Generally, the fare in the AC II tier is ₹2.27 per km, which means the normal fare will be ₹683 or a little more for a 300 km journey. But if you want to travel in the AC II tier during peak season, then the fare will be ₹2.38 per kilometre; that is, for a 300 km journey, you will have to pay ₹708 or a little more.

If you are thinking of travelling in the AC III tier, then the cost will be a little less. Indian Railways will charge you ₹1.71 per kilometre in the AC III tier. That means you will have to spend ₹513 on a 300-kilometre journey in the normal season.

See the fare of indian Railway (but Fare may be vary)

Compare on Comfort

In the AC III tier, a normal berth will accommodate three people on each side. The middle seat in the AC III tier is foldable, and if the passengers sitting below you cooperate, three people can travel on the lower seat during the day. But most people don’t agree.

AC 2 Tier coach

The person sitting on the lower berth can relax and sleep during the journey, and the passenger in the upper berth usually climbs up and has to lie down as there is no back support and cannot sit for long. However, there is often a dispute over who will use the middle seat in the AC III tier.

AC 3 Tier Coach

In the AC II tier, in each compartment, there are four passengers on one side of the aisle and two on the other side. You can sit more comfortably in the AC II tier, as each berth can accommodate two people instead of three.

Travelling in the AC II tier is easy and comfortable, as there is no middle seat on the aisle side. While in the AC III tier, you have six passengers on one side of the aisle and two on the other side. You will share the compartment with 8 people instead of 6.

General FAQs

What does SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, 2S, CC mean in Indian Railway ?

SL – Sleeper Caoch (3-tier sleeper. It has 3 berths: lower, middle and upper but Non AC Coach)

1A – First AC (Also equipped with doors for privacy. Highest fare, comparable with flights)

2A – second AC (Air conditioned. Priced between that of 1A and 3A)

3A – Third AC (Very similar to sleeper class But Air conditioned Coach)

2S – Second Seating (No tiers for sleeping only chairs)

What is the difference between tier 2 AC and tier 3 AC in a train?

1. AC 2 Expensive than AC 3.
2. The AC 2 tier is a 2×2 seating. It has two tiers of bunks – upper and lower on one side and two (upper and lower) along the the other side of the aisle.
3. AC 2- Less Seats, less crowded.

4. Privacy curtains and individual berth lights are available in AC 2.

Can I travel in 2AC with a 3AC ticket in Indian Railways?

No, If you doing so then extra charge and penalty will applied on you.

Which is better, 2AC or 3AC?

Of course, 2AC in term of comfort but price is higher.

If my 3AC ticket is automatically upgraded to 2AC then do I have to pay the difference amount?

Automatic upgrade will happen only if the passenger has given consent for auto upgrade while booking the ticket. If your ticket gets auto upgraded then the passenger does not have to pay any fee. But you should ask about it from the station enquiry before travelling as the government may change the policy.

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