Most of the time, it’s probably not a good idea to swallow a porcupine. This had to be experienced by a big python. This odd snake was found by a biker who was travelling down a road in a South African nature reserve.

What happens if a python eats a porcupine ?
Snake after eating porcupine

Nobody dared speculate on what the python might have consumed. But it genuinely appeared to be large prey. One imagined a little warthog or an animal similar to it.

What happens if a python eats a porcupine ?

This enormous snake passed away less than a week later. When it was opened, it was discovered to have ingested a 15-kilogram porcupine. The snake itself wasn’t much longer than 4 metres.

What happens if a python eats a porcupine ?
Authorities handling the snake

The spikes had ripped her guts literally. Although the body had made an effort, it had failed to digest the spines.

What happens if a python eats a porcupine ?
less digested porcupine

One is unsure about the precise cause of the snake’s demise, though. In the end, it appears to have dropped off a ledge. Being so full of food, it makes sense. After then, the collision could have caused the spikes on its belly to dig into its internal organs. Furthermore, why would a snake be so stupid as to eat a porcupine? It must sometimes be like us in that it comes in because of hunger.

Although this is very old news, but it is possible that one of your pet eats it and falls ill, then in that case you can know that what can happen to snake can also happen to any other animal.

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