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The reason for songs in Indian films is that most of the films have love stories, films get huge revenue from songs and movie promotion. Songs make the movie impressive and simple cinematography along with good music and songs can keep the audience engaged to the movie.

You know, There are songs in every situation in Indian films. And sometimes you will also hear such songs which have very absurd lyrics. So what is the meaning of adding such absurd songs? Bollywood is mainly famous for this. let’s talk.

Old songs from Bollywood movie with weird dance actors

Indian films are made in a social context in which the hero is fighting with society to get the heroine. Since most films are based on love stories, there is love, romance, and separation between the lovers, and in the end, both of them unite. In such a situation, every emotion has to be expressed in an impressive manner, so songs are included.

Dance numbers is normal in Bollywood movies

Another reason for this is that good songs earn a lot of money for the film even before its release. Songs are a big financial source for films. The audience comes to the cinema hall only after watching the songs and the trailer, so songs have become an important part of the films.

Another reason is that most films are made from the point of view of doing business, in such a situation, there is pressure to complete the film project quickly. Therefore, the audience is attracted by adding a simple story, a little masala, and good songs. Songs are very rare in films in which the story is good or different. But yes, songs are an important part of films that are used for promotion.

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