multiverse life

These thoughts also do not go in one direction, but while writing, they change their path again and again. Just like someone living in many dimensions has come back to his ground. Let me be clear: by multiverse here, I mean purely mathematical multiverse life. The explanations for living life, understanding it, and taking it to a goal are endless.

Our lives are constantly changing shape in those infinite interpretations, and they keep getting caught in the whirlpool of fear, pain, love, jealousy, or mixed feelings. So life alone is, according to me, impossible. May be some motivation or inspiration morally compel you to lead a disciplined life, yet the innumerable neurons present in the body, which are acting as an information mailer in the brain, are constantly generating infinite thoughts in the mind

multiverse life
Random is not random

He keeps creating multidimensional thinking, and constantly, the person keeps fighting with many emotions and options in every situation. The infinite neurons of the brain produce infinite possibilities and infinite thoughts, which are completely natural and universal phenomena that are almost impossible for a normal human being to stop. The possibilities are endless.

So any motivation can be mastered, or for some time only, on those thoughts that have the potential to create a multiverse world, but any motivation can create multiverse thinking till infinite life time, which makes life all-rounder and creates a multiverse. It does; it can’t stop. Meaning that preventing the mind from thinking multidimensionally is not possible for long, and this also reflects the universal laws of change.

It is to be said that when life itself has chosen infinity or infinity or has chosen diversity, then how can life be lonely. This is what makes the infinite thoughts of fantasies, dreams, and ambitions, the multiverse of life, develop, and this is also the multiverse of life, and this multiverse is our existence.

So it is natural to cry; it is also natural to laugh; it is also natural to quarrel, to be jealous, or to love. At the same time, you become capable of doing many things, playing many roles, and thinking in many ways.

This is multidimensionality, and this is what I call the multiverse. Yes, in the same multiverse or multidimensionality, many concepts or ideas can be contrary to each other, but it is according to natural laws.

Cosmos and Multidimensional Thoughts

In simple words, a human being is always multidimensional, the reason for this is scientifically our mind which is structurally, functionally mysterious like the universe where infinite energy and infinite paths exist as alternatives, then the imaginations generated from this multidimensional mind.

No person can, ever, for a long time be locked in one dimensional thoughts, so there exists a difference between a machine and a human.

multiverse life
So many perception, so many life

But while we, like the redshift of this universe, are constantly immersed in wider and more fantasies, many multidimensional ideas also compete with each other. For example, ideological struggles are always an attempt to break the barriers of society or prejudice, like leading a normal life of girls will always be commendable in Indian society because girls’ multiversity, that is, the ability to spread ideas or fantasies, clashes with perceived imaginations of society.

Now if someone is upset when wearing jeans or laughing openly, then surely their “attempt to elaborate” will be like a blow to the walls of your weak imaginations or prejudice, then it is natural that you get upset or angry or something Too.

We have lived in multiversity and will live in future whenever any thought tries to expand, it is always nourished from another dimension, may be the inspiration of your success is some simple event or person or you are new to yourself. You get inspired by creating dimensions.

Expansion is a sign of change and if change is not favorable, everyone will feel threatened by that multiversity. For example, in the olden times, certain people used to feel fear due to the education of women, but they used to make that fear a fact by saying that the education of women would make men slaves in future.

The multiversity of each other has the potential to create conflict or resolution.
In the corporate world this is called “brainstorming“. If more thinking gives rise to more imagination, then surely more choices will arise and choices will give rise to multiversity.

Everything that has happened or is happening or will happen in your life or will happen in the future is based on thought generation or fantasies that have been changed or appear to be reflected in physical form by action.

We human beings have a basic idea which is constantly expanding, we are always in a state of debate due to our multidimensionality and probably will continue to be.

Fear, Kingdom and the Multiverse

Due to this many elements and forces have been born in nature. Every particle of nature is made from elements like fear, hatred, love etc. which are themselves born out of multiversity and will give rise to multiversity itself, but on these elements any society or state or authority constantly tries to control.

Political science knows that the origin of the state is the result of fear. It is because of fear that the people of calm made a social contract and moved from state power to collective power, but I have already mentioned that a detailed idea always creates many fantasies or many dimensions, in which feelings of feelings fear, love, Jealousy already exists.

After the state generates its own fear, again, fear rules the people, possibly because people live in multiple life, have many ideas, and the state never tolerates many ideas at once, or all with it. Being tied in the thread of a collective welfare, therefore fear was made legal and the rule brought law and order.

Certainly fear can produce well-being if it is fueled by the common aspirations of all but it tends to control rather than inspire the multiverse like love. Therefore, creating collective fear would be a condition of law which ultimately leads to welfare of the state.

one dimensionality of motivation

Your consciousness itself may develop from imagination and knowledge but ultimately it will only expand you. Any human being can dream, create a world of fantasies that not only give him pleasure but also inspire him to do future actions or make changes in the material world. An ordinary person can become a leader, sometimes an actor, sometimes a scientist or not knowing what in his/her multiverse and surely this will motivate you to achieve your goals. The possibilities are endless.

Despite all this, is the motivation for a multidimensional life only a fantasy or a futile endeavor? Because capitalist motivational theory has always tried to make you lonely.

Simple Motivation wants to see you like a machine that you should always be aware of your work, be conscientious and remain focused, then only you will be able to make your place in this world.

But personally I do not believe that any imaginative person is one way or not a machine Because it would be in contrast to the infinite information and choices that are constantly arising in the mind naturally, which ultimately give rise to a multidimensional life or a multiverse, are all methods or paths wrong that unilateralism one’s imagination or conscience? are or prevent, such as a religion or a one-dimensional belief.

Whether it is wrong for a person to be lonely, both questions are answered by many competing multidimensionality because our conscience is never impartial nor absolute, so we are never always in a position to be truthful.

Nor is it wrong to have focus because the imaginary multidimensionality is attached to the time function. If a person’s life is of millions of years, then multiversity will be easy or a boon for him because due to more time, he will be able to establish discretion on every imagination. Because it is not so and human life is very short, it is natural for him to focus on one thought.

Time, knowledge and intelligence have been able to create a multidimensional world. If seen, the information transfer system which has been running from one human being to another human being through chromosomes has created the world of multiverse world or diverse world and in technical form human is also living eternally, that is Immortality is when your information is alive from eternity.

Being lonely is only the beginning because options are full of dreams, fantasies and ideas, then the new world will also become multidimensional and people who constantly search for life in one direction will also understand diversity or multidimensional thinking.

Make oneself multidimensional, starting from the loneliest and moving towards possibleism because it is the only natural, infinitely laid out structures of information of infinite neurons, in which lies the future human and global endeavors. Again the possibilities are endless, as is the multiverse.

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