Alert before a long trip [ 5 situations for every traveler must know ]

Many people travel by themselves by car or any other vehicle. before a long trip journey by any car, we should take care of some things that cost of trips, possible worst conditions may face, solutions for any emergencies etc.

If you are planning in this way, Surely you can bypass all possible hurdles in your trip and will enjoy more after and before a long trip.

1. What If the Reverse Gear was accidentally changed during Running Car ?

This is one of important thing before a long trip f you are driving and you accidentally get reverse gear after fifth or sixth gear then there is no need to panic as reverse gear is not available in the moving vehicle. 

First of all, I would like to mention that our vehicles have two types of transmission, the first of which is automatic and the second is manual.

Automatic gear system (AGS) – In this type of vehicle automatic programming is done for the gear system. If the reverse gear is used while driving this type of vehicle then the reverse gear will not work.

In this type of vehicle, automatic non-programming This is done in such a way that there is no scope of accident, even if reverse gear is installed in some automatic vehicle, due to automatic programming, the speed of the vehicle will gradually decrease gradually after that in safe mode. After leaving, you have the option do you really want to use reverse gear.

Both these automatic transmissions are run through the computer which automatically controls and applies the gear, so if you accidentally get reverse gear then the computer based controlling system or programmed chip will not allow reverse gear.

Alert before a long trip

Manual gear system– In vehicles with manual gear system, if the vehicle is being run at 90kph speed or any other speed, then at that time if the reverse gear is used then the reverse gear will not be available at the same time.

There will also be a friction-like sound in the car…. Karr kar kar… .. If you use even more power in this way, then this sound will also increase and the gear will not be used even then in this process, the more power you put on the gear, the faster this sound will result.

The parts that are in the gear box of the vehicle will be completely damaged, there may be a slight smoke in your car due to the hit.

Overall, there is no chance of an accident and yes the gear box of the vehicle will surely be annihilated.

2. What should I do if the brakes in the car fail completely ?

The first and most important thing before a long trip that came to our mind should be how to stop that car. There are many things that we should focus on.

  • Never turn off the engine. If you do this then your steering can be lock and there could be an immediate accident.
  • Gear down is the best way to reduce speed. You should reduce the gear number leads to a decrease in force speed.
  • Try to move the car left and right in a zig zag pattern if possible, it provides more friction and therefore helps us to stop the car.
  • We can do anything that reduces speed like rubbing the car against the guard rail helps a lot. (If possible)
  • Turn on the horn continuously and turn on the alert lights, so that other drivers alert you that something is wrong with you.
  • Finally do not panic and handle the situation wisely. You can also call the emergency.
  • try to apply the brakes over and over again.

3. What to do if the handle gets locked while driving ?

Nowadays all vehicles have power steering. Due to this, the steering is neither jammed nor pulled nor locked even in the event of a tire burst.

The steering is locked in only one condition. That is when we turn off the engine at low power and also turn off the power switch. Please do not make such a mistake. Anyway, control of the vehicle is reduced by shutting down the engine.

4. What should we do if our car stops in a secluded area?

If your car stops on a deserted area of ​​a national highway, state highway or a local road, then first of all you should look at the time whether the time is of day or night. If it is daytime and your car is suddenly deserted If you stop in, then you should get out of the car after seeing the surrounding environment. If you know how to fix a small problem, then you should correct it.

If there is a big problem and you must call to roadside assistance service or SOS or Police. If the service or Police taking time to reach, till then you must sit in the car.

you should check that if your mobile is running, call the emergency helpline or the concerned police station immediately and give them your location, then call any of your family members and tell them about your situation. Be patient and do not trust an unknown person completely. hide the jewels, valuables etc. to the right and safe place, Keep women and children in the car, keep the car closed until assured that outer environment is safe.

You must call your knowns and family to and update your location on mobile by using or sharing live location feature in smart phone.

mind it:

  • If you travel more than your car then you must know that how to take Roadside Assistance Service or police or SOS service. save emergency numbers in mobile.
  • You should keep your vehicle engine serviced at proper time and check conditions of tires, gears before travel.
  • If you are getting away from your car for a long time, then first of all you should check the basic things of your car whether they are working properly or not. If you are not doing it then you should take it to the mechanic. .
  • If you travel more then you must keep a rope in your car. In such a condition, rope can be used to tie your car to another car.
  • Most importantly, if you are leaving for a long journey, then you should share your location on WhatsApp of your home member or any other special member. And this live location should not end until Do not reach your destination.
  • Because self-protection is the most necessary thing while long travelling so Put a stick or some eye-spray in your car for protect yourself in case of mis-happening. But Do not use it in aggression.

Not everyone can be trusted on the highway. Some people can be right there and some people are wrong. If something is found wrong then a big incident can happen to you. So be careful.

5. How to find the correct mileage of a car or cost of your trip?

To find the mileage, first of all you have to fill the tank of your car (car or bike). Keep in mind that every time you fill the same brand oil, changing it also makes a difference in the mileage. While filling the oil in the car, fix the trip meter to zero.

Then when the fuel remains half-full, make the tank full again. You have to note how many kilometers the car has run in the last time and how many liters of fuel has been added in the second time.

If you divide the distance of your car or bike or scooter with the filled petroleum (diesel-petrol) for the second time, then the mileage of your car will come out. For example, if your car has run 500 km and you have added 20 liters of petrol, then the mileage of your car will be 25 km / liter.

Most cars give the best mileage only when they are driven at 60-80 km speed, so avoid driving the car faster than it. The best way to save fuel is not to change gears frequently. The smoother you drive, the less the fuel will cost.


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