wrinkle story

Facial wrinkles tells you Wrinkles story do not only appear as a sign of aging. It can also give message of our internal organs and mental status according to the psychologist. It means Facial Wrinkles in different areas of a person’s face can tell story of your mental and bodily conditions. This is amazing , Lets know about it..

The internal organs and parts of the human body are connected in a certain way. This is manifested externally by the fact that the function of body parts and systems is transmitted in different areas of the body.

This includes the feet, hands, ears, and even the sole of the tongue. There are similar areas on the face. And an expert will even be able to draw a psychologically correct picture of a person based on the appearance and location of wrinkles on the back face.

The figure clearly shows the Facial Wrinkles (folds) below in a person’s face

Facial Wrinkles Tell your story ?

If you have Forehead Facial Wrinkles then it can give signal that you may be or are prudent, earthly-minded. You has mental overload and overthinking. More wrinkles in the forehead area may indicate systematic headaches, irregular cerebral circulation.

If you have Facial Wrinkles just above half inches from your eye-brows means forehead then it showing the level of wisdom or intelligence . They are considered a sign of experience and intelligence. 

The so-called wrinkles of wisdom or intelligence are translated onto the shoulders of a person: when the shoulders are aching, drooping and tired, it means that it is difficult for a person to endure the hardships of life.

Look at the picture it also found on the forehead just above or side from eye-brows. These are shallow, parallel wrinkles. To avoid their occurrence, it is necessary to react more calmly to life events and situations.

Between the eyes, These wrinkles are translated into the neck area. If we talk about the mental level, the wrinkles of stubbornness arise from the unwillingness to approach problems philosophically balanced. 

Perhaps it makes sense to learn to listen to the sensible advice of others and be able to admit your own wrong? 

Problems that are difficult to resolve cause neck pain. But Positive thing is that if you found it then you may have strong will towards your goal or motto, called perseverance .

Such wrinkles indicate thyroid problems. How do loneliness wrinkles appear? A person feels that life is harsh to him, there is no moral support, loneliness oppresses . This can indicate your pain of separation or failures that you are facing right now. See your face and get rid of the stress.

Facial Wrinkles are indicators & Stress can be managed. You can read our article which give you scientific suggestions to happy. Click here

This characteristic is diffused in the area of the so-called “warrior’s feet”. Such wrinkles can mean that a person is paying attention to small thingstaking everything seriously.

On a physical level, careful wrinkles with numbness and tingling appear on the fingers. You may be more in alert conditions for little things so don’t care un-necessary things in life .

Such wrinkles may indicate chronic gastrointestinal diseases. They can signaled that a person is overcome by the fear of everything new, “closeness” to everything unknown or modern or progressive.

It is difficult to call it a Facial Wrinkles. Rather, a groove. Physiognomy will tell you that it reflects the work of many organs and parts of the body. For example, the digestive organs, buttocks and thighs, a kind of support for the body and key “mechanisms” of movement, both at the physical level and at the mental level.

A pronounced, not blurred groove indicates good vitality, the ability to regenerate. Deep and long the groove indicates that the person is likely to live a long life .

Such Facial Wrinkles indicate ailments of the stomach and duodenum. If they are observed around the entire mouth, it means that the person is experiencing weakness and pain in the lower limbs and problems with the intestines. Usually shyness wrinkles are observed in insecure people who experience fears, the need for protection.

This area of ​​the face is indicate to the kidneys. The non-physiological factors of kidney disease include harsh criticism, feelings of disappointment, failure, and the factors of adrenal diseases include “decadent” moods, indifference to one’s personality, anxiety. There is also a broadcast on gastric ailments, diseases of the duodenum and gallbladder.

These folds on the skin tell about the problems of the functioning of the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, intestines, heart. In mental language, these wrinkles tell that their owner does not have a joyful perception of life, positive emotions.

These wrinkles occur as a result of ulcerative formations in the intestine. At the mental level, such wrinkles reflect the fear of removing from life everything that is outdated, unnecessary, confidence in one’s own insolvency.

They are similar to folds on the skin, which in mental language indicate problems of the respiratory system (depressive manifestations, sadness, fatigue from life), in the spleen (obsessive thoughts, ideas), in the liver (rage, incontinence, mood changes), in the knees (stubbornness and pride), legs (fall of ideals), in feet (loss of orientation in reality).

Such wrinkles appear as satellites of intestinal problems, the formation of hemorrhoids. On a mental level, these wrinkles reflect fear of not coping in time, anger in the past, fear of loss. In this zone, the state of the feet is broadcast, pain sensations in which are likely due to fear of the future. And adherence to outdated concepts can cause bladder ailments.