angry chinese man wearing green hat

In China, green is something that is safe for humans except the green hat. For example, here, like in India, the perception of “green” vegetables is that green vegetables will not cause harm, and this is also true. This green color is also used in relation to newspaper publications. The Chinese believe that a “green” article does not harm the reader; it is clean. And although green in the country represents everything that is purest and brightest, there is one exception: the green hat.

The Chinese feel ashamed of wearing a green hat, and this practice of shame originated during the reign of the Han dynasty. In China, a green cap is considered to be the dirtiest gift, and if someone goes out on the street wearing a green cap, people make fun of him.

But there’s a story behind the green hat

There is a myth, a folk tale, that once in China, a very beautiful girl married a respectable man. Since the girl was very beautiful, other people became jealous of that boy. People started provoking him, saying that it was because of his wealth that such a beautiful girl married him.

After some time, her husband started doubting her, and their married life became desolate. Meanwhile, may be in stress, the girl fell in love with a tailor. The tailor made a green cap for her husband so that she would know whether he had gone out or not.

why chinese people dot like to wear green tgffvv hat

This also made it easier to notice her husband in the crowd. The whole town was happy that what was said against him was happening for his wife. People started laughing at that green cap. And since then, it has been believed that the one who wears a green cap will have his wife cheat on him.

Therefore, there is a myth that if someone wears a green cap, his wife is cheating on him. But it is not prevalent in Chinese cities because time constraints have limited this folklore to rural China.

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