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Here topicflix sharing something different topic, Shaving legs. I am sharing a humorous tale about the origin of the trend of shaving women’s legs and how the Second World War affected it. Have you ever given some simple facts and items a thought as to their origin ?

The majority of individuals would prefer not to consider or inquire about topics like how a microwave oven functions, why banknotes have distinct colors, and similar topics. This article today is about a similar trend, shaving legs.

Ancient time: removal hairs from legs

In actuality, shaving the legs was a practiced in ancient Egypt, and it was more of a necessity than a fashion trend. In warmer areas, it was thought that shaving the legs helped prevent the spread of illnesses. Both men and women utilized sharpened blades and specialized preparations made of honey, wax, and scented oils to shave.

Hair removal was attempted in both ancient Rome, Russia and India too, but only persons with high social rank could afford it. the peasants and the underprivileged could not afford it. After the fall of the pagan Roman Empire, When Christianity spread throughout the world, including Asia continent. Shaving the legs was ignored since religion believed that beauty came from the inside, not the outside.

Second World War, Shaving legs and Stockings

Until the 20th century, girls all over the world did not give much thought to their body hair, but in 1915, Harper’s Bazaar magazine published a bold photograph of a girl proudly holding up her arms in a sleeveless dress while sporting shaven armpits. Because it was conventional for women to cover their entire bodies from wrists to ankles, this shot had the impact of a bombshell.

How shaving legs and Stockings changed during second world war
1915, Harper’s Bazaar magazine

It took until 1922 for the new fashion to become completely entrenched in girl’s lives. Cropped dresses were popular at the same time as there was a contentious discussion over foot health. However, the majority of women thought that having their legs shaved signified accessibility.

How shaving legs and Stockings changed during second world war
Girl holding up shaved armpits

Many attempts to replicate the first shaving craze and persuade ladies to shaving their legs failed. Shorter skirts provided a brief window of opportunity for such a breakthrough during the 1920s, but by the 1930s, hemlines had already begun to lengthen significantly once more. Under their clothing, women typically wore cotton stockings, those with more money may get silk.

Then in 1939. The DuPont Company created nylon as solution, making it inexpensive, silky-appearing stockings accessible to nearly all women. almost 4 million pieces were sold in the US in a single day as demand soared. Everyone want a set.

Women of the time preferred to conceal their legs with silk or nylon stockings. Due to the circumstances surrounding the start of World War II, both materials were required to make parachutes.

A received container for used nylon stockings during second world war
A received container for used nylon stockings during second world war

Girls were urged to donate their used stockings to the army in the United States. To sew parachute domes, they underwent processing. Even an old photograph exists about this subject.

Using a special pencil, a girl draws a stocking line
Using a special pencil, a girl draws a stocking line

What ought girls to do in this situation ? A unique cream was developed to mimic the application of stockings. True, applying it to the hair was fairly tough, but the razor quickly became a part of a modern woman’s daily routine. Even a special pencil designed to create a distinctive stocking line was made available by the Max Factor brand.

Stockings were once again widely used after the war, but Betty Grable and the infamous Vest company’s advertising campaigns helped make shaving your legs a common practice. Over 5 million prints of Betty’s photos, in which she was seen flaunting her shaved legs while wearing a snow-white swimsuit and sandals, have been sold.

Betty flaunting her shaved legs
Betty flaunting her shaved legs
Betty Grable making smooth and shaving legs was charm of attention. 

Marley Renfro, an American actress and model, stated the following explanation about shaving’s rise to popularity. The picture of Betty Garble during World War II with her fabled smooth legs was the final straw, as it was believed that shaving the thighs contributed in war so it was a true gesture of patriotism.

Beautiful and shaved legs became fashion trends during 1930s
Beautiful and shaved legs became fashion trends during 1930s

Apart from all, shaving legs is all about Beauty, comfortable and fashion but in general, the question “why” does not arise when you look confident and beautiful. But Time is changing, now in especially progressive countries it is no longer so fashionable for girls to shave their legs. But it is common opinion from the open world, You can be different at this.

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