Most parents get their children admitted to play school or preschool only after the age of two and a half years. But this age is not right for all children. When to get a child admitted to preschool depends on the physical, mental and emotional development of the child.

If your child starts doing basic tasks at the age of 2.5 years, such as understanding your words and being able to say some important things, drinking water, eating something, washing hands, sleeping alone, etc., then he can be sent to play or preschool.

Along with this, parents are always worried about the safety of small children, which is also natural. Therefore, before sending them to preschool, it is important that the child understands your words and also reacts accordingly. Along with this, your child should be able to say some important things, such as their home address, mummy papa’s name, etc. Along with this, the child should also know good and bad touch.

Is there any benefit to sending your child to play school?

Absolutely yes. I am listing some benefits.
1. Your child will participate in various activities and become active. Along with this, it will be easy for him to be social.
2. In pre-schooling, the child learns many things, like speaking quickly, acting, writing, and reading.
3. The child learns things about the daily routine.
4. Preschool can awaken innovation in the child. kid can learns to imagine through story-telling, and in play time, he starts taking decisions.

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