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Dubai is one of the most amazing and interesting cities in the world. All these luxurious skyscrapers, expensive cars, and tonnes of gold undoubtedly look beautiful. Plus, Dubai has great weather all year round! But, you know, there are also spots in the sun. We will tell you about these spots that darken the bright and luminous world of Dubai. But there is something that is different about Dubai.

14 hours of working in scorching heat in Dubai

Dubai is developing and building at an incredibly fast rate. However, construction requires labour, right? These people work in very difficult conditions, 14 hours a day, and even in extreme heat (in the summer, the temperature can reach 50 degrees).

Tourists in Dubai, in light of this intense heat, are advised not to expose themselves to the sun for more than five minutes, but nobody cares much about workers. Of course, this causes many fatal accidents, but Dubai money quietly covers all these problems.

Kissing is crime; holding hands is bad in law.

All these wonderful pictures of Dubai can be misleading and give the impression that this city is very liberal, but this is not the case at all. For Muslims, everything is strict. For example, kissing in public is prohibited.

But what is there for kissing? You can’t even hold a hand. Tourists who violate these rules are forced to pay huge fines and can even go to jail (there have been cases of this kind).

What changed for Sex and Alcohol in Dubai

For everything related to sex, drugs and alcohol, the local law is very harsh. A girl may have problems even because she was walking down the street with open arms. However, with the onset of the night, everything changes.

What I believe to be the world’s oldest profession is thriving in Dubai, where more than 30,000 prostitutes offer their services at $500 an hour. It seems that this is not the most profitable offer, but apparently, these are Dubai prices. However, the problem is different: big people or companies support and encourage prostitution, even though it is illegal.

This is, so to speak, one of the traditional sources of income, which is Dubai’s well-known dirty secret: “white slavery” and the sex trade, which the police turn a blind eye to.

Water is Valuable in Desert, not for in Golf course

Dubai is located in the desert, which means they know firsthand the problems associated with drinking water. Of course, as long as money grows on trees, these problems can be easily solved, and even more so: here they manage to not save and waste water at all.

For example, a large amount is used to irrigate golf course lawns, of which there are many in Dubai. And such a reckless approach to literally everything. Which comparison could we choose: a mirage in the desert or a party during the plague?

What happen in Dubai When the oil runs out..!!

It is not difficult to build a paradise in the middle of the desert if you have a lot of black gold. This, in general, is the only thing that the entire Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, owns. But this situation cannot last forever!

In 20 years, there will be a shortage of oil or its price will rise so dramatically that people will turn to other sources of energy. And then the Dubai bubble will burst. This city will be the clearest example of how to spend a lot of money without really worrying about the consequences.

Racism !!

We are living in the twenty-first century when people no longer consider racism the norm. However, humanity is prepared to make an exception. For example, no one seems to care that racism is the driving force in Dubai. In this city, unruly rules are used and a person is judged based on how good his passport is.

For example, Americans and Europeans are paid two to three times more for the same work compared to people in third world countries. Well, it means that people’s salaries are not on the basis of knowledge and skills, but on the basis of nationality.

Labor Life is not Easy

On the outside, Dubai is beautiful, but if you go deeper, you will find yourself in Hell, where labor slavery thrives. Of course, everything is officially according to the law, but in practice, people from countries like India, Pakistan and China come here to work and become completely dependent on their employer.

They take their passports, pay pennies, and make them work longer than they should. So dreams of a decent life in this country turn into humiliation for these people, hard work and a very little salary.

Dubai is Polluted

Endless large-scale construction projects result in a large amount of sewage and chemical waste, but not everyone wants to invest in environmental remediation and protection systems, and they prefer to simply throw all of this and dispose of it somewhere, for example, directly into the sea.

How does the state react to this? They are by no means fenced off by a wall of silence on the issue; that’s it. Moreover, raising these issues is dangerous; it could end up with expulsion from the country.

Expensive Cars, Speeds and Deaths

Hey, how many cool and expensive cars are there in Dubai? Here on the way, you can find the rarest and most expensive models of cars. Of course, when the latest sports cars speed through town, it’s a great sight. But this medal also has a downside.

Driving here is life-threatening; most drivers do not have good manners or traffic rules. Add to that the reckless drivers of fast cars, and you have the highest rate of accidents on the roads.

Everything is artificial in Dubai

Many who have lived and worked in Dubai say everything there is fake, from the artificial trees to the fake smiles on their faces. Dubai was built by the wealthy as a kind of artificial place where people from all over the world feel like royalty.

Unfortunately, those who had stayed there longer realized that all this luxury was only to arouse false (albeit pleasant) feelings in people and extract all the money from them. If Dubai were a man, this man would have undergone a thousand plastic surgeries and a metal heart.

The laws are harsh

Yes, Dubai is full of glamorous parties, luxury cars, and the rich. However, there are also many people who are not happy, and no one cares about them. Many have come to Dubai hoping for a better life, but the laws are so harsh that if you don’t pay a debt or a fine, you could end up in jail. 

The same applies to employees of transnational corporations. If a company has a problem at work, its employees also have problems: their homes are taken away, and they themselves are imprisoned.

Sonapur – a working ghetto in Dubai

Sonapur is a small area in Dubai that can be considered home to all the working poor. Over the years, this place became a kind of working ghetto, with more and more new parties for half-slaves from third-world countries.

By some estimates, more than 150,000 workers (or, rather, alive) in Sonapur are living in unbearable conditions. Eight or more people live in a small room. With hygiene in mind, everything is sad here, too. If only there was food! But this is not always enough. How does the state solve this problem?

Un-“Wild” animals in Dubai

Dubai residents have so much money that they don’t know where to spend it. Someone buys gold cars; someone swims in pools full of dollar bills. Make no mistake; let them swim if you don’t hurt anyone. But what can be really dangerous is the growing popularity of wild animals as pets.

The elders were no longer happy with cats and dogs, so they introduced them to tigers, cheetahs, leopards, lions, or some other strange thing. And they don’t care about the fact that animals suffer; bragging is more important.

Freedom of expression in Dubai is a myth

Dubai is one of those places where you can freely express your thoughts, as long as they align with the government line. Otherwise, the secret police will begin their work quickly, offering the “rebel” two options: either shut up or lose all he has. Sometimes there is a third option: go to prison, if the previous two options do not suit you. However, everyone generally chooses the first option.

Fighting the government is almost useless, especially given that more than 80 percent of the UAE’s population is made up of immigrants. The law on obtaining citizenship is so complex and cunning that without a lot of money, you definitely will not obtain it. You can live in Dubai for 20, 50, or even 100 years; this will not help. So if you talk too much, you might be deported, and that’s it.

Royal ruled but tyrants looks

Do you know who runs everything there? A few words should be said about this. The UAE is, in theory, a federal monarchy led by President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. But in fact, there is a dictatorship, and behind all important decisions is the Emir of Dubai, Vice President, and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Of course, she also controls all cash flows and oversees the modern slave trade. Sheikh Mohammed is so powerful that his word is always decisive, and any fool who dares to think otherwise will pay a heavy price. And the picture shows the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Muhammad Al Maktoum, one of Sheikh Mohammed’s sons.

This Dubai is different and contradictory. There are a lot of things to like, and going there as a tourist is a great idea. Despite the unpleasant facts we mentioned above, they spoil the image of this shimmering golden city a little. Yes, all this luxury seems immoral in the context of slavery and the poverty of a large part of the population. But the tourist does not need to worry about that.

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