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The gaming industry has rapidly evolved to become one of the most promising and fastest growing industries in the modern world. A staggering revenue of over $184 billion is expected to be generated in 2023 alone. However, it is interesting to see that the financial strength of the industry today is very different from its humble beginnings.

Spacewar!” The first digital game to be displayed on a computer screen. This innovative game, launched in 1962, was developed by students at the University of Massachusetts. Players chanted “Spacewar!” Pilot spaceships in a cosmic battlefield! and engages in intense interplanetary conflict.


Their task was simple: destroy their opponent’s spacecraft. The ships faced two terrifying obstacles: a gravitational star that blocked their path and a dangerous black hole that would swallow any errant ship.

Spacewar!” It was initially designed for two players, but soon gained popularity and was adapted for both solo players and parties of up to eight people. But despite its early invention, this groundbreaking device never gained mass market acceptance.

It never achieved commercial success and remained mostly the domain of programmers, running only on the PDP-1 computer.

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