Aww !! Periods days, the painful and restless days for every women, Mensuration days of any lady or girl can be so difficult to do any activity freely. We all girls, may be so many men too, can understand the pain which girls bear during these days. Currently, false beliefs about menstruation abound, as many women still do not fully understand their menstrual cycle. 

That is why, when the young women comment among themselves, the doubts persist. But Before beginning We must have to know that menstruation is natural process of women body like respiration in men. Since the earliest times, the menstrual period has been a taboo subject in most cultures. .

In India, A Patriarchal society, almost all women in India who buy sanitary napkins wrapped in a brown bag or newspaper, because of the shame associated with menstruation.


That is why, to this day, many beliefs persist that feed the insecurity of women in those days. Tired sick woman in grey home wear sitting on bed, keeping hands on stomach, suffering from pain, looking aside. Illness, stomach ache concept. Many studies have pointed out that oral transmission has been responsible for many myths about menstruation today.

One of these is the fear associated with the use of water, since it is thought that it will be harmful to health. Many studies and facts also pointed out that some women are afraid to approach water because they believe that they will suffer terrible diseases, such as paralysis, strokes, or dementia.

Following the same idea, another analysis concluded that the menstrual cycle has been considered a weakening and limiting factor of female activity.


However, this exploration concluded that menstruation is not a disorder, as many think, but a natural event that does not interfere with life. Therefore, it should not be used to argue about physical or emotional weaknesses in women. It is worth emphasising that many of these beliefs arose when exact knowledge about the functioning of the menstrual cycle was not available, nor about the female body itself, so many women only had legends to try to understand what was happening to them.

Almost nobody talks about periods in India openly, but it is most important to talk openly if we want to empower our women or girls. It must be widely discussed for healthy women in India.


So, Why I am sharing this. Recently I went to purchase a sanitary napkins from Medical shop. And When I asked sanitary napkins in clear voice, People surrounding me stare with weird and anxiety way, feels also little hate in eyes. Buying a sanitary napkins are not Comfortable in public, I feel.


Here are the most common false beliefs around menstruation. In addition, we will explain a little more about each of them , so that you can free yourself from unwarranted fears.

Myth No.1 – You must not enter into Temple or Kitchen

False !

In this regard, many religious heads in India claim for women impurity in Periods days, These kind of Orthodox sentiments can make a women weak.

This impact most of women in India ,A majority of women believe that they should not touch a pickle jar during their periods. They also don’t water plants, enter temples, cook food or sleep in the same bed as their husbands. Most of these taboos are rooted in the belief that a menstruating woman is impure and can contaminate anything she touches.

In almost all religious texts there are nowhere written that a women can be impure in periods. for example-The four Vedas never state anywhere that a woman’s body is impure or that she cannot do Poojas (Worships) during menstruation.

I think, Prohibiting women from entering temples and castigating them as impure is squarely against the teachings of the Vedas and Constitutional Values. (Read)


Scientifically, The woman with menstruation can cook, can touch plants , can wash hairs and can worships too if she wants, without any fear of God.

The orthodox tradition has run on faith and too much faith destroys the conscience of man. Perhaps this is the reason that till now in India it has not been accepted that menstruation is a natural thing and not an impure event. This is only a sign that the creation of the universe goes on continuously.

Men have an authoritative advantage in declaring menstruation as impure as this logic has created a patriarchal society in India. As I think.

Myth No.2 – Menstrual cycles are identical


Normally menstrual cycle , usually lasting 3 to 5 days, with a period that may vary from 28 to 30 days. However, there are women with longer cycles . As they get older, women may have shorter cycles, up to 25 days.

The menstrual cycle is not the same in all women. The periodicity can vary and even change over time.(Read)

Myth No.3 – You cannot get pregnant with menstruation


Although the odds decrease, this rare but it is possible, since sperm can remain in the vagina for up to five days, and although many die within 48 to 72 hourssome may still be alive. Other factors should also be considered, such as the length of the cycles, for example. (Read)

Myth No.4 – The Woman should not exercise during the period


this is another false beliefs about menstruation. On the contrary, some physical activities or yoga during the period are healthy, since they help the body to release endorphins and, in this way, reduce pain and stress. (Read)

Myth No. 5 – The woman should not bath during the period because the blood clots

false !

this is one of false beliefs about menstruation. The only thing that happens if you take a bath with menstruation is that the blood may decrease for a moment, but this happens because the blood vessels constrict due to temperature. (Read)

Myth No. 6 – You should not have sex with menstruation

false !

It have some pros and cons. The exercise of sexual function during menstruation is not contraindicated, so there is no problem. It is only a personal decision and that can be discussed with the couple. (Read)

Myth No.7 – If menstruation does not come every month, it is because it is being held inside

false !

this is big false beliefs about menstruation. The absence of menstruation can be due to multiple factors, and it is false that blood is retained. 

This simply does not happen. In fact, some women stop menstruating due to medications they take, or due to stress, or due to changes in lifestyle too but nothing bad happens and you can always talk to the gynecologist. (Read)

Myth No.8 – If you spend a lot with your friends, the menstrual cycle is synchronized

false !

Although it is a widespread belief, no studies have yet been found to corroborate it. This idea arose after the psychologist Martha McClintock proposed it, around 1971 . However, her study was inconclusive, so she thought the timing was due to the presence of pheromones.

Myth No.9 – Believing that menstruation is a cleansing process

false !

since it is only about the regeneration of endometrial tissue in the absence of pregnancy. This tissue is renewed to receive the fertilized egg in the next cycle in case of pregnancy .

Just like these, there are endless unfounded beliefs about the menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, many of these, after so much repetition, end up being assimilated by many women, making them feel insecure.

Thanks to medical advances, we already know today that the false beliefs we have mentioned are just that, legends that persist in the collective imagination, but have no place in reality.

But In every Confusion, Faith in Science or Doctors.. not false myths around you. Awakened and empowered Women make World more empowered with peace, I believe.

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