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In the early 20th century, an unknown French furniture maker created a Love Chair for the obese British king Edward VII, on which the king could have sex with two or more people at the same time. This was later known as the invention of the Love Chair (French: Cise d’amour).

It is believed that when Edward VII left the British capital in search of comfort and pleasure, he was a young prince without any responsibility towards the throne.

During one of his visits he came across one of the most famous brothels in Paris, Le Chabanais. In terms of location, it was close to the Louvre Museum.

When every time he visited a brothel, Edward VII was given his own private chamber. Prince’s increasing weight and obesity was the biggest issue for him, it is believed that due to this he had difficulty in having sex.

The solution to this problem came from one of her cabinetmakers, Louis Saubier, who created a “love chair” to overcome her obesity.

The future king was able to have sex on the chair without tiring. Additionally, the design of the chair suggests that it was made so that a man could lie down with two women at the same time.

Today’s sex chairs are based on the design of this chair

The furniture maker Soubier

The furniture maker Soubier, who is now considered the current owner of the design, made this chair for the first time. However, this chair was made specifically for the king’s visits to Le Chabanais, a French brothel in Paris, when he was a frequent customer there.

The king’s sexual fantasies with his companions could be fulfilled without any interference in the chair. Despite Peter Hoff’s claim that the chair had never been displayed to the general public, the Daily Express reported in 2015 that it was on display at the Musée d’Orsay.

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