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There is a common tradition among the tribes of Africa according to which women should not keep long hair. Many variables can explain this phenomenon, including its cultural, religious, and socioeconomic factors. Hair is considered a symbol of a person’s power and spiritual essence in many African societies. On the other hand, long hair is associated with negative traits such as pride and selfishness in some cultures.

As a result, many women choose short hairstyles to prevent such prejudice. In addition, socioeconomic variables can influence hairstyle selection. Maintaining long hair may require more time and money, which the typical African woman may not have. In addition, no one cancelled the earthly element of convenience.

Almost everyone in Africa has “naughty” hair, that is, hair that curls heavily, as their primary function is to protect a person from the scorching sun. In addition, hair grows “in all directions,”  making it difficult to see such a “dandelion” position, so both men and women cut their hair as short as possible or put something in their hair.

Religious views can also have an influence on the style of women’s hairstyles. In Islam, for example, women are required to cover their hair, so wear a head covering or headscarf. The wearing of long hair may be seen in Christian societies as an expression of a person’s more worldly rather than spiritual side.

In recent years, trends are starting to change, and more women in Africa are choosing to grow their hair long and wear different hairstyles or wigs as an alternative. This is due to changing social and cultural norms, as well as the spread of fashion for hairstyles from other parts of the world.

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