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Iran is changing! In the heart of Iran, where social norms and rules restrict alcohol consumption and social gatherings, a secret society flourishes beneath the surface. While the official stance bans parties, the mixing of anonymous men and women, and even public dancing, Iran’s younger generation refuses to let these limitations hinder their drive to socialise and express themselves.

Behind the scenes of conservative conferences, Iranians indulge in a dynamic and rebellious nightlife, holding secret meetings on the verge of legality. Some of our Iranian online friends tell us about these secret parties (on the condition of not revealing their names).

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Limits on drinking, dress codes, and physical encounters do not discourage young people from experiencing the essence of modern life. From crazy parties that push the boundaries to clandestine sleepovers, young Iranians have created spaces where people can be themselves, even if it means dancing with the possibility of imprisonment and public punishment hanging over their heads.

According to our sources, these secret parties are painstakingly planned and often held in private spaces with high fences and thick walls to protect attendees from prying eyes. Blankets cover the windows, and mattresses are used as soundproofing to keep the music underground and unheard by the morality police or authorities.

The young Iranian explains, “We carefully filter our events to ensure that only trusted friends attend. Given the illegal presence of alcohol, scantily clad women, and often flamboyant costumes, one of our sources emphasises the importance of safety.

To avoid the morality police and the Basij, these underground gatherings sometimes turn into romantic sleepovers, which push the boundaries even further. The secret nature of these meetings allows for a variety of activities, including dancing and kissing, as well as more risky affairs found in Europe and America.

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However, risk is always present. Authorities sometimes organise their own secret parties to expose and capture those involved. These incidents can result in mass detentions and have serious impacts on those involved. Even weddings are not untouched by this. The morality police may intervene, claiming violations of modesty and restraint.

As we dive into the hidden world of Iran’s youth, it becomes clear that, beneath the veil of traditional social norms, a dynamic and rebellious spirit lives on, yearning for connection, self-expression, and a good time.

Embrace the normal urges, even if it means dancing in the shadows. Young Iranians will become like Kamal Pasha’s Turkey; how much oppression is left? Cannot be said. But youth is cool, even if one has to live life in secret.

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