how universe act like a brain ?

Can the Universe Think? Does the universe have a mind ? Or does he have a conscience of his own? Why is the Universe expanding ? Many such questions come to the mind of scientists, but the answer is very difficult or impossible, at least for now!

Gregory Matloff, a researcher at the New York College of Technology, believes that the universe contains a consciousness similar to that of a human. he wrote a paper about it. His explanations should also not be ignored because of the scientist’s numerous honors and titles. He also works as a consultant for a NASA facility.

Universe: Mind of matter ?

Metloff is one of the panpsychists, or believers in the idea that the universe has its own mind. And because of him, the universe and every living creature continue to exist and advance. In his book, Gregory outlined all of his fabrications. He believed that the only thing that can make the universe more reasonable is the reason.

It could be that this theory came out after reading a religious book or just a fantasy. But there is some merit in his argument.

Does the universe have a mind ? Gregory Matloff
Gregory Matloff

The most obvious answers to seemingly simple queries have long confused experts. What is the origin of the universe? How come it’s growing? Why does the universe continue to exist despite huge disasters? However, if you approach these concerns from a different perspective, the solutions present themselves. So everything makes sense when we contrast the universe with our own body. Only the sizes of the universe and man are simply out of proportion.

Christoph Koch, a fellow eminent scientist, supports his theory. He is researching the mind. He maintained that the instinct for self-preservation exists in even the most basic organism. Consciousness will seek solutions to problems, even in the most challenging ones. This merely serves as evidence that reason exists. In the cosmos, it is also simple to see.

Furthermore, not only physical phenomena but even living things possess these qualities. Why is it impossible for the enormous Universe to be intelligent ?

Do you think that this does not prove that God, who controls everything in the universe, actually exists? What do you think ? Post or email your thoughts in the comments section.

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