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Currently, Delhi-based Nidhi Chaudhary is a social media influencer who is often in the news for her beauty, sensual dressing sense, and astrology. Nidhi is more of a content creator than an astrologer.

Nidhi has a post-graduation in political science from Kamala Nehru College. It is also known that Nidhi used to practice law in Saket Court, Delhi, earlier, but later she left it, perhaps because she got a lot of success and popularity after creating her channel on YouTube in June 2017.

Perhaps this is why Nidhi gave more time to social media platforms. Nidhi is an astrologer as well as a fashion influencer. Her informative videos have a touch of astrology as well as sensuality as she wears deep-neck blouses.

Is Nidhi Chaudhary really an astrologer?

Nidhi describes herself as a lawyer, astrologer, tarot reader, and Vastu consultant on social media such as YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram. But I believe that Nidhi’s expertise lies in content creation.

I follow Nidhi on Instagram, and I came to know that Nidhi is not an astrologer by origin, nor does she have any authentic education for it. All the videos of Nidhi that have gone viral are about her sexy dressing sense and not about astrology.

But she knows what the market likes, so Nidhi shows people sexiness along with improving their future through astrology.

But in my opinion Nidhi is a bold and educated girl of today who wants to do everything on her own. Nidhi has been trolled many times in the name of culture, but looking at her it seems that she is a very religious person. I have seen many videos of Nidhi, she has never been seen in sexy clothes at any religious place. Nidhi also has tattoos on her body. Nidhi has tattoos on her back, right leg below the knee and right wrist.

Yes, on social media, she mostly appears in sexy clothes. But when lakhs of people are looking for financial resources through social media every day, then one has to do something different.

But still, she has become a victim of trolls. Looking at Nidhi’s X (formerly Twitter) tweets, it seems that Nidhi is a big fan of Prime Minister Modi. Whatever it may be, I found Nidhi very beautiful and funny. After all, I am also her follower.

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