The Mysterious Connections Between John F. Kennedy & Abraham Lincoln

There are events and tales that defy explanation in the wide tapestry of history, inspiring awe and interest in us. None of these strange stories is more fascinating than the uncanny similarities between John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, two well-known American leaders. Come along with us as we explore the mysteries of these strange relationships and their depths.

Congressional Elections

When Abraham Lincoln was elected to serve in Congress in 1846, his political career officially began. It is interesting to note that John F. Kennedy, another future president, would find himself on a similar path by obtaining a seat in Congress in 1946.

Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

Presidential Elections:

With his victory in the presidency, the rapport continues. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election, In 1960, John F. Kennedy won.

Civil rights advocates

Civil rights were promoted when both Lincoln and Kennedy were in the White House. His efforts to advance equality and justice have been remembered throughout history.

A Tragedy in the White House

For both presidents and their families, the White House—the center of authority and prestige—became a place of deep sadness. While living in the most renowned house in the country, Mary Todd Lincoln and Jacqueline Kennedy both experienced the pain of losing children.

Mary Todd Lincoln and Jacqueline Kennedy

Fridays of Fate

The fact that both presidents were killed on a Friday is arguably one of the most terrifying coincidences. Both died from head wounds sustained from gunshots, which heightens the mystery.

Names of Secretaries

The names of their secretaries maintain the strange similarities. Kennedy served as Lincoln’s secretary, and Lincoln served as Kennedy’s secretary. A stroke of luck or more than that?

Southern assassinations

Lincoln and Kennedy share a tragic fate in that they were both slain by people from the South of the United States. John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald, their assassins, have made a name for themselves in history.

South-born successors

Their successors continue the South’s concept. The man who succeeded Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, was a Southerner by birth and was born in 1808. Another astounding coincidence is that Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was also born in 1908.

The “Three-Name Assassins”

When the assassins’ names are analyzed, a strange pattern becomes apparent. Both Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth are known by their three-part names, which each have exactly fifteen letters.

Interesting Venue Relationships

The strange ties to locations make the plot more complex. At Ford’s Theatre, where Lincoln was assassinated, the word “Ford” was boldly displayed. Kennedy, on the other hand, tragically lost his life while a passenger in a Lincoln vehicle made by the Ford Motor Company.

Strange Place of Pursuit

The scenes of the chase following the murders are uncannily mirrored. Booth, the assassin who killed Lincoln, ran away to a warehouse, whereas Oswald, who killed Kennedy, took cover in a theatre.

Assailants Who Die Before Trials

History buffs and conspiracy theorists continue to debate Booth and Oswald’s motives because both men died before going to trial.

The Curious Connection to Monroe

Finally, in a turn of events that almost seems too unbelievable to be true, Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland a week before he was killed. Similarly, a week before Kennedy was killed, he was linked to Marilyn Monroe, a legendary personality in Hollywood.

These enthralling similarities between John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln never cease to enchant and confound us. Do these relationships have a deeper, unspoken meaning or are they only coincidences?

One can’t help but wonder if there is a strange force at work, weaving a web of history that is beyond our comprehension, when we examine the subtleties of these historical abnormalities. Come along on this mysterious trip as we explore the mysteries of America’s past.

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