Man was and remains an animal. With low or high instincts. With love and hate. But he is always an animal.” These sinister comments attributed to Hitler’s right-hand man, Joseph Goebbels, resonate with the terrifying power of German propaganda during WWII.

An important question to ponder about self-control in the face of potential manipulation is this: Are we, as people, vulnerable to outside forces that exploit our most animalistic instincts?

Different viewpoints often clash in the field of political discourse. “There are two opinions: mine and stupid,” Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev once said. While this remark may appear to be a display of erudition, it also highlights the difficulty of developing productive discourse between opposing viewpoints.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that “they call me a saint who was ruined by politics,” who was often acclaimed as a saint. In truth, I am a politician trying to become a saint.” Gandhi’s introspective statement reveals his self-perception, emphasizing that he recognizes the revolutionary power of politics and considers himself primarily From see as a spiritual person.

Pericles offers an important insight into political judgment: “Only a few can practice politics, but everyone has the right to judge it.” This sentiment is deeply felt, especially in Russian homes, where vigorous political “debates” often take place during holiday festivities. It reminds us that political participation is a responsibility shared by all members of society, not just a privileged few.

We develop a better knowledge of the historical background and philosophical roots of these political phrases as we delve deeper into their intricacies. They are snapshots of a turbulent era, providing insight into the human condition, power relations and politics’ eternal search for self-awareness.

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