Why do people sit in Catholic churches and stand in Orthodox churches ?

In Orthodox churches, why do people stand?  And the same does not follow in Catholic churches. But one can tell by looking at which church one is worshipping. Standing in the Orthodox Church, he worships or prays the same thing in the Catholic Church by sitting on the bench. Catholic churches and Orthodox churches were divided in 1054 AD, but if you pay attention to the facts, their split occurred even earlier. 

The western one was subordinate to the Pope of Rome, and the eastern one to the Byzantine patriarch. According to the story of the altar boy of one of the Orthodox churches, when applying for a job, it was necessary to pass the “Law of God.” In addition to standard dogmas, attention was focused on the differences between Catholics and Orthodox.

Sitting Catholics people doing prayer in Catholic churches and stand in Orthodox churches

Differences between Orthodoxy and Catholicism

They are not all that dissimilar in reality. Christianity of both varieties freely accepts the other. They openly share parishioners with one another. The main differentiations are:

  1. Catholics believe in the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, whereas Orthodox do not. In other words, Catholics believe that Christ’s birth liberated the Virgin Mary from original sin.
  2. They hold divergent views of the Trinity. While the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are equal to the Orthodox, the Catholic faithful believe that the Holy Spirit is a separate being who “obeys” the Father and the Son.
  1. for the Hell, Catholics hold the view that everyone passes into paradise at the conclusion of their lives. However, after spending some time in purgatory, sinners are absolved of their transgressions and then they are allowed to enter paradise. Orthodox people hold the view that those who commit sins will spend all eternity in hell.
  2. Possessing both two and three fingers. Catholics often use two fingers for the baptismal rite and three for the pinch. Two fingers stand up for Christ’s dual natures as both man and God. Trinity: three fingers. The only difference is that it is traditional for us to squeeze two fingers and add three. Otherwise, individuals who embrace Orthodoxy have the same designations.
  1. The Patriarch and the Pope’s position. In Orthodoxy, the patriarch is only the head of the church. Actually, God is replaced by the Pope. The Orthodox are convinced that a typical sinner cannot possess such abilities since it would be too confident.
  2. The fundamental distinction is that Orthodox worshippers stand while Catholics sit.

Why do people stand in an Orthodox church and sit in a Catholic church ?

Finding a non-church service is a more complicated matter. Festive services in certain churches might go on for a long period. And not everyone finds it simple to stand. Prior to the sixth century, Eastern Orthodox Church members used to read prayers while seated. People were had to sit on the floor because not all temples had pews.

In contrast, a stricter structure was used in the monasteries, where the priests completed the entire service while standing. Thus, they served as an example for regular parishioners. After that, every Orthodox believer was permitted to use this format.

Currently, Orthodox churches have pews. They rely on the frail and elderly because there aren’t many of them. The majority of parishioners will frown at a healthy individual or youngster sitting down. The exception to the rule is probably benches. Even elderly people choose to remain standing during the entire service, only sitting down if it is quite impossible to remain standing.

Orthodox adherents hold that you must conduct prayers while standing for a number of reasons, including:

  • This represents how people seek God on their own and do not wait for him to come to them
  • When a person endures a rejection of comfort, it is some sort of feat to stand in the service of God.
  • Being comfortable when sitting is comparable to overeating. A person craves fornication after a full and delicious meal. He next wants to drink. The same is true of church services. When someone sits down, he becomes relaxed and stops thinking about God.

Catholic clerics hold that sitting is required for prayer for the following reasons:

  • Being comfortable allows one to unwind and focus on God. A person who is exhausted is not capable.
  • God is accessible to people through their soul and minds. The body’s job is to keep out of the way of this.
  • However, as a sign of respect, Catholics get up from their seats when the gospel is read.

Both religious leaders’ representatives emphasize this distinction. They claim that the other church is incorrect because it has a different understanding of God and the aim of unification with Him.

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