nazca line and drawings in Nazca desert

The famous complex and mysterious design of Nazca lines and drawings, which covers a desert terrain of around 500 km2, is located 450 kilometres from Lima in Peru. A total of 30 different drawings or patterns were discovered, the majority of which featured flowers and wild animals. The designs were found entirely by chance, and because they cover several hundred meters, it is nearly impossible to distinguish them in whole from the ground.

Fist type shape in Nazca desert and some random lines

In 1920, American researcher Paul Kosok saw giant geometric figures from the side of his airplane. In addition to images of famous animals and plants, there were also mysterious Nazca lines and spirals in the margins, which were in no way logically connected with each other.

Is this looks like a tweety

It is also unexpected that the drawings were discovered on Nazca’s sandy plain. Since there hasn’t been any rain here for years, 400 kilometres from Peru’s capital, the designs can keep their shape for at least a thousand years. The question of who could have created something like this confuses scientists everywhere. Numerous theories, like aliens and a population-control system on earth, have already been advanced.

No theory has solid, convincing evidence as of yet. Even the drawing’s age is under question, with some researchers leaning towards 200 BC and others towards 1700 BC. In any case, the Nazca Desert drawings were included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994.

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