Freedom from bra, why more women want go without bra

Mary Phelps Jacob, a New York socialite, designed the modern bra in 1913. She tied two silk handkerchiefs together with a ribbon to support her breasts. Her creation was simple and comfy at first, but as time passed, it grew more intricate and evolved.

Bras had already taken on a conical shape by the time of Marilyn Monroe. Bras have evolved over the years in response to changing fashion trends. In the 1970s, feminists looked at the bra as a restraining shackle, so they abandoned it. But the first priority is convenience. Many ladies leave the house without a bra, and lockdown only adds to the feeling of total ease.

The refusal of bras has become the season’s trend, with models on the world’s catwalks brazenly defiling their breasts beneath translucent clothing. So, why do women enjoy giving their bodies so much freedom?

 refusal of bras

The brave protest of freedom-loving women is back in style today, and world superstars are backing it up. Someone enjoys the new fashion, while someone thinks exposing one’s breasts under clothing is shameless, but sometimes the reality is that it is comfortable and natural.

Men, on the other hand, are fascinated with such a spicy concept. During the lockdown, lingerie manufacturers reported a 70% drop in bra sales. Ladies refuse them in favour of convenience and freedom.

Why wearing a bra constantly creates trouble

It has also been found in research that wearing a bra continuously is harmful for health. This can also cause problems in the circulation of blood, which can lead to many other problems. Constantly wearing a bad bra will generate more sweat, which will obstruct the pores of the skin, causing discomfort and itching. (Research)

Why wearing a bra constantly creates trouble

Breasts slump as a result of gravity and ageing, two factors over which we have little influence. However, if you really want to keep your boobs round and perky for the time being, you may choose to keep your bra in the drawer. If we consider well-plus-good, Wearing a bra for a long time causes changes in the posture of women or can also make a difference to their ability to breathe.

Perhaps now is the time for women to open up and speak for themselves. How can any outfit be good or bad from the point of view of men? If so, then what can be called the rigid corset dress worn in Europe in the 16th century, in which the dress was tied in a very strict way to pop out the places, due to which many women could not even breathe?

Why tropical countries like India need bra freedom for women

In hot countries, where about 8 months out of 12 months of the year are hot or humid, there is not as much convenience for women in wearing them as in cold countries. The main reason for this is that cold countries are mostly developed, and ironically, male equality is almost equal to the law. Wearing a bra is a lifelong tradition for women in many countries, including India. It may be that now it has become an integral part of the dress, but this work must be true because many times it also causes problems for women in everyday life.

Why tropical countries like India need bra freedom for women
Indian female laborer working with sweat

But in countries like India, women need more freedom in dressing, in terms of special bras. In North India, women, mostly rural, work continuously at home and outside. This lifestyle of theirs becomes more difficult due to closed and tight clothes. Along with this, due to the very hot weather and humidity during the summer, the body becomes constantly sticky, which increases the risk of getting sick from many bacteria. But do Indian women really want to get rid of bras? It doesn’t seem so at all. Girls and women are never able to openly speak about this because of a malevolent society and the fear of slander.

why sometimes celebrities don’t wear bra

Celebrities not wearing bras can be a fashion trend or they are promoting a brand. Whatever it is, people are affected by it. Not wearing a bra is a personal decision and there is no social pressure on former celebrities, so they are able to do so openly.

kangna braless pic topicflix

But there is nothing obscene in it. It is a simple decision which has individual independent as well as collective message.

What happens when you don’t wear a bra ?

The effects, it turns out, aren’t as awful as we thought. (We don’t have to be concerned about your breasts after ageing 30 years) You and your breasts will be OK if you don’t want to wear a bra, but if you have back pain or soreness in your breasts, try wearing a bralette or comfortable bra to provide some support.

What happens when you don’t wear a bra ?

And if wearing a bra boosts your self-esteem, go ahead and put on every morning. It’s important to keep comfortable, regardless of your bra-wearing preferences.

Truths and myths about bras

1. Frequent washing of bras shortens their life.

This is a misconception: undergarments can and should be washed every three days. It’s best to do this by hand or in a bag in the machine’s delicate wash cycle. Drying delicate things in the dryer deteriorates the fabric and causes the support wire to break out.

2. You can not sleep in a bra

This is a popular misconception: every woman has the freedom to do what she wants. You can go to bed in your bra if you don’t want to take it off. It has no effect on the contour of the breast, nor does it make it firmer or more droopy. Women have always had the ability to make their own decisions. Do not restrict yourself with tight straps if you feel comfortable strolling without a bra. Wear a bra if you want to feel secure all the time.

Remember that you are stunning in every aspect! Meanwhile, the model wandered the streets of London without a bra and in a translucent shirt. Passers-by had a mixed reaction to the brave girl.

3. Change your bra every six months

It’s true: After 6 months of continuous usage, everyday bras lose their shape and stretch, failing to provide the required support for the breasts. When purchasing a new bra, make sure you measure it so that it closes on the last hook. Change to a tighter fastening after two months.

Change your bra every six months ?
Change your bra every six months is valid fact

4. All bras in your wardrobe are the same size.

This is a myth: bra, like any other item of apparel, varies depending on the maker. The size may vary, even if the numbers on the label are the same. As a result, it is preferable to try on each item before purchasing.

5. The main role in supporting the bust is played by the cup.

This is a myth: the back strap provides 80% of the support. It’s crucial to get the proper size of this strip for comfort, and if it expands, you’ll need to get a new bra.

By Olivia