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“Hey, have you heard the epic tale of how Coca Cola came to be? It involves a magical potion, a secret recipe, and a sprinkle of marketing genius. Trust me, it’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but with way more caffeine!” Why bother inventing fizzy drinks?

Burping back in time? It seems that plain water has worn away and dried up. Well, even in ancient times, when Egypt was ruled by the pharaohs and togas were fashionable in Rome, those ‘mighty’ yearned to drink mineral-rich aqua on hot days.

They thought of it as a useful elixir that would give them immense strength and more oomph to satisfy their thirst. But wait, in those ancient times, bubbling streams used to be the purview of only the rich and fortunate. Common people will have to run with simple H2O only.

The problem was that the healing water rapidly turned into a hot, tasteless liquid that tasted like salt and metal during transport. Therefore, everyone in need of water was given the option of traveling freely to the source and receiving “living” mineral water.

Essentuki's mineral water sources.
Essentuki’s mineral water sources.

In the 1700s people were delighted at the prospect of imitating the taste of mineral water. “Wow man, we can finally get that sparkling H2O without the trek to a fancy spring!” There was a reaction. And then this wonderful man named Joseph Priestley appears out of nowhere.

He, Joseph Priestley was dropping some important information bombs in the fields of physics and chemistry apart from preaching like a real master about the wonders of the universe.

What a Renaissance figure! Long story short, when we were still attempting to perfect the art of making Coke taste delicious, this Priestley man managed to change the way we looked at the world.

unexpected relationships with carbon dioxide!

Get ready to be tickled by the fizzy tale of a genius and his wacky encounters with carbon dioxide! In the olden times, when people were still playing guessing games with the periodic table, our hero encountered this incredible gas.

But oh boy, did it get stuck with the most obnoxious name ever—wait for it—drumroll “Airborne”! Yes, folks, a nickname was given to carbon dioxide that looks like it’s ready to sprout wings and fly through the sky. But fear not, because we’re about to take on the hilarious journey of how this “airborne” gas became the bubbly superstar, we know as soda! Get ready to laugh your way through the secrets of carbonation and the geniuses who turned it into the world’s favorite fizz-tasting drink!

Studying the chemical and physical properties revealed that CO2 dissolves flawlessly in water and imparts the distinctively reviving flavour of mineral spring water. Naturally, news of this discovery spread quickly. And now, a saturator or siphon was developed by another scientist to obtain carbonated water.

Well okay, looks like those pharmacies were up to some sneaky business! They started adding all kinds of funky syrups and questionable additives to sparkling water, first for “health” reasons and then just for kicks.

And voila, the deliciously addictive concoction we now know as Coca-Cola was born! Who knew that a little bit of fizzy water and a few improvised ingredients could turn into a worldwide phenomenon?

Every carbonated drink we see on grocery shelves has an interesting story of origin. There is a lot of sugar and other substances, so it is difficult to call them useful. Nowadays, marketing is responsible for forcing a particular way of life on the society.

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