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You have read it right that dog barking is banned by law in Chandigarh. It seems that the illustrious Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh is working at a different level. Recently, Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has passed the draft bylaws 2024 of Pet and Community Dog.

In which the public behavior of dogs has been controlled. Actually, this law has been brought in Chandigarh to control six breeds of dogs which are very violent. These six dog breeds include rottweiler, cane corso, American bulldog, Dogo Argentino, bull terrier and American pitbull.

The same law is there in foreign countries, especially in America. If you don’t know, thousands of people are killed every year in America because of pitbulls and bulldogs. When these dogs grow up, they become very big and powerful, and they are also quite violent. People keep them to protect their property or house.

Additionally, the dog owner has been made responsible in the draft. It is clear in the draft that dog owners will not be able to go to important places in the city to walk their dogs. Now dogs will not be able to enjoy the spectacular views in Rose Garden, Sukhna Lake, Terrace Garden, Shanti Kunj, Leisure Valley, Rock Garden, Shivalik Garden, Fragrance Garden.

It is necessary to register the dogs in the draft so that they can be identified. Besides, the owners will no longer be able to get the dogs bred anywhere. Well, romance is not allowed everywhere in India even for humans, so dogs are a later matter.

About the six dogs Which are banned


Rottweilers are good learners, they learn quickly and show strong loyalty towards their owner. But he becomes dangerous when angry.

Cane Corso

Cane Corsos are large and powerful dogs that people keep mainly for guarding or protection. They also become quite violent

American Bulldog

American Bulldogs are courageous and hunting dogs, but with proper training they become social. But if they are not handled properly, they can attack anyone. They have killed many people in America

Dogo Argentino

If you look at it, Dogo Argentino is a hunter breed dog, hence it can attack easily. but it can be trained

Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers have great energy. These can be very fast. But they are not so aggressive. can still be dangerous.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Because the Pitbull is large and powerful, it was used in dog fighting. Training makes them social but they can still become dominant in inappropriate situations.

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