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Being clever is an art to adapt to the environment, but cunningness is only to take advantage of the opportunity. For this reason, this quality is found in animals as well as humans. But the question is: which people should be considered clever or cunning or How to identify them? Being clever or cunning is based on many things.

First of all, the most educated people have the highest chances of being clever or cunning, but this is not always true because the most educated people often become gentle and humane, which can make them victims of cunning people. But it depends on the time and situation as to when and how the person will behave. but Simply, Cunning is man without face.

Then the question becomes more difficult: how do you identify the most cunning people? Look, there are some special indicators so that you will be able to quickly recognize cunning people:

  • If you have known someone for a long time who does not spoil his relationships with anyone, who always wants to keep in touch with everyone, or try to keep everyone happy always, then chances are that S/he is very cunning.
  • If someone is with you because he can get something from you or because S/he can use you illegally, then chances are that S/he is cunning.
  • Those who habitual bitterly criticize others and compare others all the time can be cunning.
  • If you always share your thoughts with someone But the other person shares his secrets too less, or very little, then it is possible that either S/he does not like you or S/he is cunning.
  • Cunning itself develops in people who are overly ambitious or who want to achieve success too quickly.
  • Introverted people who are overly sensitive can be cunning.
  • Selfish people are cunning and Egoist people are more likely to be selfish. Because people with ego do everything to protect their ego. When their ego gets hurt, they will take revenge, do evil, lie, or plan.
  • Normal people behave normally, but you should stay away from those people who always talk sweetly to you. Such people can be sycophantic as well as cunning.

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