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You must have seen in Hollywood movies that prisoners in American prisons often wear orange uniforms. Orange became a popular colour for many American convicts to wear in their clothing. Additionally, the prison uniform was originally orange with white stripes.

But why orange anyway? Let us understand. First of all, keep in mind that every country has specific clothing to identify criminals. This means that the prisoner can be easily spotted in the event of an escape. For this reason, prisoners were often dressed in striped clothing. The colour of prisoners’ clothes can depend on many hings.

For example, m more violent prisoners may be dressed differently because if a prisoner decides to become violent, it will be easier to identify him on the ground. Or where the prison is located. For example, the characters in the prison would be given dark colours, such as striped black uniforms, against the background of a white forest covered in snow. 

The prison uniforms used by American prisoners are color-coded. Like orange, red, pink, or striped black. Inmates in normal jails are dressed in orange. However, extremely rare are prisoners dressed in bright red who are of a particularly dangerous type or who are easily distracted. American prisoners sometimes wear pink uniforms.

For example, this color can be used to identify prisoners who openly disobey prison rules.  Additionally, criminal psychologists support the orange side. They argue that wearing a bright orange garment does not have the same psychological effect as wearing a dark black or blue garment.

As a result, the prisoner is more likely to receive a new education and be released with a clear conscience.

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