how to be in shape

What it really means to be in shape is that when your mind and body remain in sync, you are living a healthy life. But being in shape is actually related to looking good and fit. According to fitness experts, being in shape is a long journey, but one can achieve it by living a simple and healthy lifestyle. In the middle of the last century, they were advised to do simple exercises to maintain their tone.

Today, when the ideas of a healthy lifestyle have spread throughout the world, the types of activity that may seem like hell are in fashion: marathons, CrossFit, and complex asanas. But the time for fitness is gone. But there are some simple rules at all times that will help you keep fit without fanaticism.

Even irregular Physical activity is good for you

And it’s not about the perfect combination of power and cardio workouts, nor is it about high-intensity training that burns fat. The bottom line is this: if you are not a fan of sports, it is enough to find exercises that at least do not cause you longing. Making them, at least occasionally, is already a step towards improving health and being in shape.

Even irregular Physical activity is good for you

As there is no perfect diet, there is no perfect set of exercises. Given the characteristics of your body and soul, create for yourself training that you can endure. Perhaps the only acceptable option for you is a daily, long walk with the dog. Then get a dog and walk for fun. Or maybe you are obsessed with cleanliness in the house. Stop fighting with yourself.

to be in shape, Let’s target it

  • turn on the music and, dancing, restore order at least all evening. 


  • the method of grandmothers – to spend the summer up to booty in the garden – why not fitness in the fresh air?

Matt Fitzgerald, the author of books on running and diets, noted that the only indicator that determines whether you will continue to engage in one or another activity is your feeling for it right now. Basically, those who say that they like the workout will also be practicing in a year.

Cardio help you live longer

The positive effect of cardio loads (walking, running, cycling, and swimming) on the cardiovascular system makes them useful for your life as a whole. Back in the 40s of the 20th century, Jerry Morris, the British pioneer in the field of epidemiology, showed a link between a sedentary lifestyle and the development of chronic diseases. Moreover, the risk of developing health problems decreases as soon as a person becomes more mobile.

Cardio help you live longer

Today, we know that inactivity is responsible for 6% of cases of coronary heart disease, 7% of cases of type 2 diabetes, and 10% of cases of breast and colon cancer. People with a more mobile lifestyle are also less susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease and age-related dementia.

If you exercise regularly, diversify your workouts

To achieve better results with regular training, you need to alternate both types of exercises and their intensity. If the lessons are monotonous, the benefits of training will decrease.

You must constantly surprise your body. Ideally, combine power and cardio loads to be in shape.

If you exercise regularly, diversify your workouts

We also apply the Pareto law to training: you get 80% of the result from one approach. Therefore, at least beginners in the gym should give preference to a variety of exercises, albeit only one approach for each. It is equally important that the intensity of the load alternates. Interval training—periodic, short, sharp spikes in intensity—has the same positive effect but in less time. For those who have just stepped onto the HLS path, short classes can be a great start.

In addition, to be in shape, a variety of training will provide you with a constant interest in sports, which, as we have said, will increase the chance that you will not get bored after a long time.

Exercise help you to manage overweight

It’s no secret that by starting to do fitness, you can not only lose weight but even gain a little.

  • Firstly, this may be due to the fact that, after training, you allow yourself to eat an extra bun (although it is better to choose something more useful).
  • Secondly, an increase in the amount of water in the body can lead to an increase in body weight.

But this is not a reason to refrain from training because they have a comprehensive positive effect on well-being: they improve mood, sleep quality, and immunity and performance. In addition, physical activity is extremely important for maintaining weight in the long run.

A twenty-year observation of 3,500 people showed that those involved in physical activity gained less weight. In general, numerous studies show that a combination of exercise and diet is more effective for weight loss than just a diet. And those who are engaged in fitness without changing their nutrition, as a rule, note an improvement in well-being even without noticeable weight loss.

You don’t have to withstand extreme loads at all times

Running marathons and exhausting yourself with CrossFit is now in fashion. But such extreme loads at the limit of your capabilities are a risky exercise. We will not list here the diseases that may arise from excessive stress. But the risk is really great. Even the training of professional athletes is far from completely composed of high-intensity loads. 

You don't have to withstand extreme loads at all times

In accordance with the 80/20 principle, most of the workout should remain low-intensity. To avoid damage (and, therefore, long breaks in training), you should increase the load gradually.

Thanks to these small steps towards health, in a few years you will experience the result. Being in shape is not as difficult as we think. The right combinations of diet and exercise will give you better and faster results. In addition, living a healthy life depends on daily routines. Focus on a balanced diet, natural nutritional intakes, etc.

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