Angelina Doroshenkova

Sometimes people make decisions that go against social norms, and life often takes unexpected turns. A vivid example of such a journey was Angelina Doroshenkova, who was born in 1994 in the Russian city of Smolensk.

At a young age, she started a promising legal career, but in the end, she made a shocking change and re-emerged into adult film industry.

Angelina Doroshenkova

Russia’s famous university MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) was far away from Angelina’s destination. She was an ideal student and had no trouble being accepted into the MGIMO budget department. However he decided to leave school and pursue a career in the adult film field.

She started his career in law at the age of about 21. He worked towards becoming a lawyer for three years, but he got more motivation in the adult film industry. It’s interesting that Angelina chose to work in the adult industry out of personal desire rather than out of need for money.

She decided to learn more about the exciting world of adult entertainment. She currently earns around 5,000 euros per month from filming in Europe, but she emphasizes that money was not her main motivation.

Her friends and acquaintances were disappointed by her choice as they considered her an ambitious young woman with a promising legal career. When Angelina started sharing photos from far-flung places like Brazil and Spain on social media, her friends started getting uneasy.

The defining moment came when one of her friends recognized her from the adult film “Ellie in Bed with Two Men”. Her former university friends were shocked to learn this information as they had never thought of her choosing a career in the adult business.

To those who knew her, her transformation from a hard-working student to an adult film actress was completely unexpected.

According to her friends, Angelina is passionate about her work and sees it as a form of art. Her profession is driven by her love of closeness and her need to express herself in this special way.

The unconventional nature of Angelina’s employment choices is known to her parents, who have not expressed any concerns. This acceptance proves that despite choosing a career, he still has a loving family.

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