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As you are travelling through the stunning Himalayan region, suddenly, a mushroom appears in what appears to be a supernatural invasion. You’ve just met Gucci. Congratulations! This irresistible mushroom, which belongs to the Morchelleaceae family, has a head so distinctive that it needs its own fan club. The Himalaya’s best-kept secret is this peculiar fungus, and believe us when we say you won’t want to miss it.

Nutritional Ninja

Now, don’t be misled by its odd appearance. Guchhi is a nutritious powerhouse and more than just a lovely face. The vitamins B, C, D, and K are abundant in this fungus. It’s like finding a multivitamin in the forest! Additionally, it is high in protein, low in calories, and fat-free.

Everything a vegetarian and health-conscious eater could ask for.

Pricey but Priceless

The real sting, though, is that Guchhi is so expensive because it is so uncommon and in high demand. The price per kilogramme ranges from ₹30,000 to ₹50,000! It is appropriately referred to as the “diamond of the mushroom world.” It has gained notoriety due to its exclusivity.

Mushroom Maneuvers

Let’s now discuss some current news. By using its magic wand, the Department of Forestry, Ecology, and Environment has highlighted Guchhi. The collection of this priceless fungus is now handled by regional panchayats and rural development agencies in accordance with the new regulations.

The Gramme panchayats in your neighbourhood, then, are the true bosses of the mushroom industry.

Guchhi Gyan

But do not worry; we have not abandoned our forest-dwelling buddies. In Jammu Shivaliks, they receive instruction on the techniques for gathering and preparing mushrooms as well as the workings of the market.

It resembles a clandestine organisation of mushroom hunters who have lightning and thunder on their side.

From the Himalayas with Love

You might be asking yourself right now where you can find this mysterious fungus. Aside from the Himalayas, Guchhi can be found relaxing by the Chenab near Akhnoor. Rain, lightning, and thunder are said to be the secret ingredients for luring Guchhi out of hiding, so Mother Nature must have some cunning plans up her sleeve.

That concludes the amazing story of Guchhi, a Morel mushroom that is as rare as a unicorn and as nutrient-dense as a superhero’s breakfast. Keep an eye out for this spongey treat the next time you’re in the Himalayas. Who knows? You might just discover a gourmet gem that will tantalise your palate and make your wallet ache!

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