7 points for How Stoicism philosophy can be useful today

We must confess that philosophy is an abstract and entirely unintelligible science for the majority of us. It’s tough to see how it could be useful in everyday life, yet it turns out that it can. We shall not speak in generic terms, but rather on the advantages of a philosophical trend like stoicism. It first existed in antiquity, but it can still be effective in today’s harsh circumstances.

What is stoicism & how can it help people in difficult situations ?

Stoicism first appeared 2500 years ago in ancient Greece. It is once again popular, and the works of its pillars, Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius, are read all over the world.

7 points for How Stoicism philosophy can be useful today

Stoicism first appeared in Athens around 300 BC. This philosophical school’s name rhymes with the word “fortitude.” Despite the fact that this is merely a coincidence, it perfectly embodies the spirit of the message.

Stoicism is derived from the Greek word “stoa,” which means “portico” or “porch.” It happened because Zeno of Kition, the founder of Stoicism, preached the foundations of his doctrine from a porch near the Athenian agora.

Stoicism was a prevalent philosophy till the end of the ancient world. Not only the Greeks, but also the Romans, regarded him highly. When Christianity became the state religion in Rome in the fourth century, interest in Stoic philosophy began to wane.

There were numerous notable adherents of Stoicism, but three are regarded the most important. This is the Greek Epictetus, the Roman Lucius Annei Seneca, and the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius.

what are Basic principles of stoicism

There’s a lot to say about stoicism. But the essence of this philosophical school is to use your mind to be joyful in any situation.

According to the teaching, a person’s life is beyond his control. We are surrounded by forces and circumstances beyond our control. As a result, there is no need to engage in combat with outside troops. It is sufficient to learn to control your ideas and emotions, which you must do for your own good.

Zeno of Kition - Founder of Stoicism
Zeno of Kition – Founder of Stoicism

This can bring us inner peace and happiness, no matter how challenging life may be. You can ask Google about the purpose of life as a last resort.

To achieve this, you must continually train and employ specialised techniques. You can get rid of doubts and worries by repeating these exercises several times. Anxiety will be overcome, and the stoic will be completely in command. It was briefly described by Lucius Annaeus Seneca as follows:

“Bear with dignity what you cannot change.”


Now is the moment to learn Stoicism and put its principles into practice. In today’s world, there are so many problems and sufferings that even the most selfless Stoic would be perplexed.

Follow a few simple guidelines to keep yourself in check and enjoy life no matter what. Here are some stoicism rules that can be applied to anyone.

1. divided into memories, Joy is present for us

1. divided into memories, Joy is present for us

We are divided between memories of the past and doubts about the future throughout our lives. It is critical to live in the present moment and recognize that only the present moment is relevant.

This is a simple concept to grasp. Once a day, it is vital to detach from external stimuli and enjoy the present moment. This can be done both at home and at work.

2. Create a pathfinder

Try to think of a wise mentor to assist you in a difficult scenario. In a variety of challenging life situations, he will provide you with sound guidance. You will be able to get away from your emotions and find solutions to your difficulties in this manner.

3. Random world phenomenon

You do not need to wring your hands if catastrophe strikes. You should relax and try to figure out if something can be addressed now or later. You can even build two lists: “On my shoulders” and “Out of my control.”

You can try to adjust what turned out to be dependent. What’s in the other column, on the other hand, must be taken as is.

4. find your Lowest attribute

You should be aware of more than your own strengths, which you should endeavor to share with others. Find your own flaws; they’ll help you “get down to earth” and begin to properly analyze your talents.

4. find your Lowest attribute

You constantly want to blame everyone else when you don’t have time for something at work. However, you must confess that your laziness or addiction to social media is to blame.

It would be humiliating, but it would be fair. You’ll also realize what areas you need to improve on in order to be the best.

5. Emotions are born in us

We are the origin of our thoughts, emotions, and impulses. They become responses to various situations, and it is our job to select the most appropriate one.

A low pay appears to be a source of stress to us. However, this is not the case. it is only our thoughts that make it stressful.

Do not blame the systems or the authorities. It will be far more productive to consider shifting employment.

6. life is flowing always

It is important to remember that, no matter how horrible things appear to be, life does not stop. Furthermore, the worst experience is almost always the most gratifying.

It is difficult and costly for a company to go bankrupt. But, at the same time, vital experience was gained, which will prevent prior mistakes from being repeated.

7. What if everything goes wrong

It is hard to anticipate all of life’s terrible occurrences. Yes, this isn’t required. You can just prepare yourself for the worst-case scenarios ahead of time.

To do so, keep asking yourself, “What if everything goes wrong?” as often as possible. If anything unexpected occurs, you will be prepared.