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If you want to go to the north-eastern part of Rajasthan or are coming to visit Alwar from Delhi, then apart from Sariska in the Aravali hills, you can reach the nearby Tasing Fort via Neemrana Stepwell in Bahror Tahsil of Alwar. It is a lost tourist spot that is visited by a lot of local tourists. It is in Tasing village, about 7 kilometres from Aravali in Neemrana.

Tasing Fort is damaged but You will love fort for its architecture, palace square, basement, mall, court centre, invasion site, and many more.

Tasing village is situated on lush green hills, and this village is very ancient and historical. It is said that the old name of this village was Trisinga, which was in Bharatpur Jagir before the independence of India; later, it was included in Alwar. He was given a jagir of 28 horses. That’s why it was also called the village with the property (Jagir or Manor) of 28 horses.

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Here, You will find paintings or carvings in many places. Mahal Chowk, Baharli Kotri, Bhitli Kotri, Chautha Pana, Dholi Garhi, Stepwell, etc. are worth seeing in the village, all of which are built on the hill.

But due to a lack of maintenance, it is becoming difficult to maintain the historical places here. Common people and some anti-social elements are also causing damage to this dilapidated fort. This came to everyone’s attention when the Tasing village was adopted by the then MP Vijay Goel in 2017, but nothing special could happen. Yes, the road has definitely been built.

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