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Egypt is an attractive country in terms of cultural entertainment and relaxation. They treat visitors here quite democratically, as the tourism industry contributes significantly to public funds in this unique country. However, it proved difficult to find a native guide who was fluent in Hindi, Russian and English to speak clearly during our long journey to Cairo. Because we had some Russian friends with us.

However, later we found many guides who are proficient in Hindi, English, Russian and communicate effectively. As a result, there was no language barrier between us. But believe me, what the local guide told might have been an exaggeration because we did not find the entire environment as he had described. Yes, some things were true, still I tell you what they think.

Anti-rating on tourists from poland

Tourists from Poland are on the first line in our rating from some local guides. As we observed that some of the natives of this country hate tourists the most from Poland. The people of Egypt believe that the people of Poland are extremely disorganized. They are often late for trips, force themselves to wait, and are quite arrogant and demanding of local guides. They often behave rudely in hotels and criticize the hotel staff.

They have no equal when it comes to free booze, and sometimes it happens that they get so drunk that they fall asleep on the beaches or go swimming in the Red Sea, where they Rescued by local rescuers and even visitors vacationing nearby.

On excursions, they behave very loudly, disrespectfully, and try in every possible way to demonstrate their importance and wealth by insulting the local community and saying rude and arrogant things about Arabs.

Anti-rating on tourists from Germany

Tourists from Germany are in second place. Tourists, especially from Bayern (a province of Germany), who tend to be extremely arrogant, demanding and hard-drinking, have unfavorable impressions about their behavior in Egyptian resorts. Our guides constantly have to face such rude behavior from German tourists.

This is what he said. They are often dissatisfied with hotel service, criticizing the quality of restaurant food. Some reported that drunken Germans would start some kind of fight with tourists from other countries.

The arrogant and belligerent behavior of the guests from Germany, who consider themselves virtually an elite class here, is uncomfortable for local residents, as evidenced by the emotional account of the guide who accompanied us, who is often criticized for his criticism of tourists from Bavaria.

But we did not encounter any unruly Germans during our trip. Although there were several German speakers present in the hotel restaurant, they all behaved well. Maybe we met some excellent German couples.

Anti-rating on tourists from Russia

According to the local consultant, Russian tourists rank third on the scale of unpleasant tourists. However they were happy to see us, because most of the money in Egypt comes from tourism and now again when we asked some local guides about Russian tourists they reiterated the same thing that some Russian tourists generally have very bad attitudes about their behavior.

First of all we came to know from them that Russian people have great love for alcohol. Many hotels in Egypt offer all-inclusive packages that include alcoholic beverages and have certain limitations. This is what attracts our tourists, who cannot help themselves when they find themselves in such an intoxicating paradise. Many people behave badly when drinking alcohol.

drunken beach party
Sometimes sand is more comfortable than bed

They run riot in hotels, on beaches, which can have disastrous consequences. What the locals dislike most about this behavior is that not only men, but also many women from Russia come drunk, and the most disturbing thing for the locals is to see such embarrassment on the streets of resort towns. I have also met drunk friends inside and outside the hotel many times. But this does not mean that everyone is fussy after all.

Anti-rating on tourists Algeria, Libya, India

According to Egyptian residents, the fourth line of anti-rating is unquestionably occupied by visitors from neighboring Arab countries such as Algeria, Libya or Tunisia. India is also included in this list. When we asked, the guide told that the behavior of tourists coming from these countries spoils a lot. They are always very noisy, complaining and extremely demanding. Especially Indians are trying to get some kind of discount everywhere.

Disclaimer: I’m sharing comments made by a local guide during our Cairo trip, but honestly, I agree with them about as much as I agree with a camel in a chess game. 🐫♟️ Please take these insights with a grain of pyramid-sized salt!”

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