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Dal (Lentils curry) and Baati is a traditional dish originating from the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is believed to have originated in Mewar and became popular as a traditional royal food. Here dal (Lentils) is a curried spicy dish and baati is a cooked ball of dough. Churma is a sweet dish made from crushed batis in which ghee and boora are used.

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Dal Baati is also called Bafla in Indore. Litti Chokha is somewhat similar to that of Bihar but Rajasthani Dal Baati is different from these two. I am only talking about Rajasthani Dal Baati here.

How to: Taste and Recipe of Rajasthani Dal-Baati

How is Dal (Lentils) curry and Baati made, and what is the recipe for Dal-Baati? This is a common question, considering that it is made up of a combination of two main ingredients: Dal and Baati. Also, if you want to make Dal-Baati more delicious, you can add some pieces of dry fruits, such as cardamom, curry leaves, black pepper, etc.

Now any Dal (Lentils Curry) can be there, like moong, masoor, urad, etc., and the baati is also small, round, and without yeast. Baati is simply small or medium size ball of dough filled with filling inside. Then it is cooked in the hot ashes of an earthen tandoor or stove. After the baati is cooked, its upper part becomes crisp and the inner part becomes soft. The batis are then broken into small pieces.

how to make baati in daal baati dish
Baati is made by kneading dough and rolling it into small balls.

Making dal and baati neither takes much time nor costs. According to me, a good Dal Baati can be made for ten people for ₹200 to ₹300 ( $3 to $5). And it does not require many ingredients to make it; hence, it is also a cheap and tasty dish. If everything is available at home, then it takes only 30 to 50 minutes to make Dal Baati if both are cooked together on separate stoves.

Usually, baati is dipped in Desi Ghee and served with dal curry, which further enhances its taste. Rajasthani people break the baatis and eat them with their hands, but now this trend has started decreasing. Dal-Baati is now eaten in western style as well.

Often, traditionally, churma is also made with dal-baati. Churma is prepared with hot batis. These hot batis are crushed and mixed with ghee and sugar to form a sweet dish. These three together give great taste.

By baking Baati in the ashes of the stove, it becomes more crispy

Dal Baati is very common in Rajasthan due to its low cost of preparation; hence, Dal Baati has become a staple food in Rajasthani cuisine. It is made especially for festivals, special occasions, or when a guest comes to the house. It is common in Rajasthan to prepare dal baati as prasad for religious events like any child’s birthday celebration, “Savamani.”

Dal baati is a very tasty dish. If the dal is made spicy and spicy and ghee or masala is added inside the bowls, then the pleasure of eating it is something else. In which the hard, crunchy exterior of baati is contrasted with the soft and delicious dal curry. The dish is often served with ghee (clarified butter), which adds richness and depth of flavor.

And to be honest, dal baati and churma are available everywhere in Rajasthan. You can order it at almost every hotel or restaurant. But if you want to make it at home, then it is very easy.

Apart from its delicious taste, Dal-Baati also has cultural and historical significance in Rajasthan. It is considered a symbol of the state’s rich heritage and is often served as a hospitality gesture to guests. Additionally, the preparation of dal baati requires a lot of effort and is often seen as a display of love and care for one’s family and guests.

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